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Voluntary Task Force - Jawhar 2013

We have successfully completed the planned VTF activity yesterday on 16 Jun 2013.

The activity was carried out in a village school at Khoripada, Jawhar.

Various study-related stationaries were distributed to 42 students from class 1- 4 standard. The distributed material included in each set : 3 notebooks, drawing book, compass box set, sketch pen set, etc.

We appreciate all individual efforts of the team involved, i.e., Ajay, Kaivalya, and Ravi, especially the leader of this activity - Ajay Kalashi for all the arrangements and bonding up with the local villagers.

We take this opportunity to thank Mr. Sunil Joshi for his cooperation and guidance to execute the activity. He heads the NGO National Rural Research & Development Association. They focus on overall Rural Development. Our activity supported the Balawadi project, i.e., assistance in providing primary education to the tribal children in remote areas of Jawhar block.

We look forward to a couple of more similar VTF contribution from our members towards the underprivileged villagers. As mentioned by Kaivalya, these are the same villagers who extend their necessary support to our various adventure activities when visit remeote villages.

Perhaps, we should be doing such an activity in Pahine Village next.

Kiran Sarode
Team Bhramanti

VTF Members involved:

Ajay Kalashi, Kiran Sarode, Kaivalya Varma, Ravi Bangera
, Rajan Rikame

Attached pics.

Jawhar Jawhar
Jawhar Jawhar
Jawahar Jawahar
Jawahar Jawahar

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