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Voluntary Task Force

In the year 2006, Bhramanti set up a task to help the needy people of remote areas where vehicles cannot reach and which are accessible only on foot. These might be dense forests, or places where people do not know what school is, or even places where people cannot afford to go to school.

To start with, as part of our trekking program in the remote areas of Sahyadri, we planned to embark upon a small initiative to distribute Notebooks and Pencils to children so that they can at least use these resources to draw what they can think and what they cannot express. We never know a great writer or scientist might be hidden among them.

This activity will be managed by Bhramanti leader Mr. Ajay Kalashi. He is self-motivated person and willing to spend more of his spare time in this initiative alongwith his regular hobby of Trekking. He is running his own business in the busy city of Mumbai. He has already donated certain amount to procure the required stationary which we will be distributing among the needy people at various locations where Bhramanti goes for Trek.

We wish to have more such self-motivated members who could come forward to help us achieve this task in terms of support in any forms like funds, etc. We will be publishing the names of such people on this special page of Bhramanti. We will call these members as the Voluntary Task Force of Bhramanti.

Though donors generally donate without any self-interest except to help the needy but we would like such people to be part of Bhramanti too. We will be giving some benefits to such donors as per following criteria:

- If the amount is above Rs. 1000/-, members will be benefitted by One year membership of Bhramanti.
- If the amount is above Rs. 2000/-, members will be benefitted by Seven year membership Bhramanti.
- If the amount is above Rs. 3000/-, members will be benefitted by Life membership Bhramanti

This idea behind the initiative is purely of a charitable nature and hence not binding on anyone in any way. We will be informing every one of our donors about the starting of our program by email or whichever available communication. We don not want to make this as a publicity stunt, so we will not publish this activity in the public media from our side.

We wish success to all our volunteers and leaders who will be participating in this activity.

Thank You
Rajan Rikame
Managing Trustee
Bhramanti Public Charitable Trust


VTF Members:

Ajay Kalashi
Rajan Rikame
Milind Gyani
Kiran Sarode
Kaivalya Varma
Ravi Bangera

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