Yoga Sutra

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General informations
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Some of the Sutra from Patanjali YogSutra.

“Yogas chitta vrtti nirodah,”
योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः ॥२॥
(Yoga is the containment of the fluctuations in the psyche.)

“Tada drashtuh svarupe avasthanam”
तदा द्रष्टुः स्वरूपेऽवस्थानम् ॥३॥
(Then the seer abides in its own character.)

Vritti sarupyamitaratra
वृत्तिसारूप्यमितरत्र ॥४॥
(At other times conformity with the fluctuations.)

Vṛttayaḥ pańcatayyayaḥ kliṣṭāḥ akliṣṭāḥ
वृत्तयः पञ्चतय्यः क्लिष्टा अक्लिष्टाः॥५॥  
(The fluctuations are fivefold and they afflict or don’t afflict.)

प्रमाणविपर्ययविकल्पनिद्रास्मृतयः ॥६॥
(They are right perception, wrong perception, imagination, deep sleep and memory.)

Tatra sthitau yatno ‘bhyāsaḥ
तत्र स्थितौ यत्नोऽभ्यासः ॥१३॥
(Practice is the effort to remain there.)

Mṛdu-madhyādhimātratvāt tatopi viśeṣaḥ
मृदुमध्याधिमात्रत्वात्ततोऽपि विशेषः ॥२२॥
(The speed of progress depends upon intensity of resolve, whether slow, medium or intense.)

īśvara-praṇidhānāt vā
ईश्वरप्रणिधानाद्वा ॥२३॥
Or it can be achieved by devotion to pure-consciousness/divine ideal.

Tasya vācakaḥ praṇavaḥ
तस्य वाचकः प्रणवः ॥२७॥
(This divine ideal has manifested in word Om.)

तज्जपः तदर्थभावनम् ॥२८॥
(Om is to be repeatedly chanted/meditated upon, contemplating its meaning.)

Tataḥ pratyakcetanādhigamo ‘ pyantarāyābhāvaśca
ततः प्रत्यक्चेतनाधिगमोऽप्यन्तरायाभवश्च ॥२९॥
(From this one will gain the power of introspection and destruction of obstacles.)

Yoga is nothing else but a science of awareness. Do how much you can for others. A life lived for others gives happiness.
So we have duty towards our near and dear and then towards our work.


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