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Trek Accessories Check List :
The following suggested checklist found to be useful, of items to be carried during treks. However, one must judiciously select items according to the season, duration of trek, and location to suit individual tastes and needs.
Food Check-List :
A trekker should suffice himself to all the meals and food that is available in general. Availability of desired food at villages is unpredictable and one should not plan to depend on it.
For 1-day outing Additional items for
overnight outing
Seasonal and special items
Cap Torch Rainwear/Umbrella
Rucksack Toothbrush, paste Pullover
Water bottle Sleeping bag or mat Goggles
Walking shoes Shawl/blanket Swimming costume
Pen knife Towel Soap
Lunch box Socks Wind-proof jacket
Extra pair of clothes Cooking utensils Plastic bags (limited use)
Chappals Mug, plate, spoon Map
Plastic Sheet Sleeping clothes Compass
Lighter/Match box Candles, gas stove Steel-grip tape
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For 1-day outing Additional items for overnight outings  where cooking facilities are available
Chapatti/Bread Khichdi/Thepla/Bhakri
Cooked vegetables Tea/Coffee
Juicy fruits Milk powder or condensed milk
Salad Soup
Biscuit, cake Raw vegetables
Pickle, jam Ghee
Butter, cheese Rice
Sweets Potatoes, onions
Lemon powder Salt, masalas
Glucose Canned food
Sandwiches Noodles
Eggs Dehydrated food
Cooked lentils Papad
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