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St. Louis (MO) Visit

2nd Jul 2011

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It was one of the long weekend and most of the time as per trend people planned out outing with family. So too us.
My office colleague Madhu, Sapna, Tanuja and myself planned to go to St. Louis famous for the man made biggest Arch in USA.

It was a long drive of 5 hrs one side (300 Miles). And yes we were crazy to make this trip happen just to see the Arch since expected to outing just for a day. We drove in Madhu's new car.
Me and Tanuja travelled to Route 59 early morning to join Madhu and Sapna. We didnt realise that temperature change would be so drastic. It was one of hottest day exceeding 95F saw huge queue for the Arch entry. Thankfully we had booked the tickets online a day before and it still took more than 1 hour to reach the top. But we forgot about it at the site of the Arch and reached on top via North Tram. It was an amazing peace of Art and construction.


We were also lucky to see Air Show glimpse from the Top of the Arch (635 ft) and the Downtown. it was celebration day at St. Louis. The West side one can see "The Old Court House" and the East side the Mississippi River. Since it was clear sunny day we could see the arial view of the city from the top. We saw the Fire Brigade voluneerily open up water spray across the street to make visitors cool in the scorching heat. We walked through the lawned garden to take a look at the arch from distance.

Using Nikon D90

Madhu made sure that we reach on time at Route 59 to catch the last Metra train to Chicago. Thanks to Madhu for the long drive. For us it was first time we drove 600 miles in 10 hrs in single day. Spent 3 and half hrs at St. Louis. Its weird but we love the entire journey. It was wonderful experience for all of us.

--Rajan Rikame

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