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USA Visit - Philadelphia

USA - a land where most people love to go for so many reasons. They go to US for study, some go for business, some go for settling, etc. I went to USA for my office project work. All these things happened suddenly. After my recent Himalayan Expedition, I started just one week in the office & fell sick for almost 5 days, i.e., the 2nd week after the expedition. So on the second week's Friday, my boss called up at home & confirmed my willingness over phone itself. I was happy too. Though it was one of the wish which was near to complete by some reason! Monday-Friday I completed all the formalities & was ready to go on the day when Navratra started, i.e., on 26th Sept 2003. All my family members were busy packing my bag & gathering other accessories. Some of my relatives came from far to see me. Some of my good friends made a list of things I should be carrying & taking care while on the way. And atlast I reached at the Airport on the time. Thanks to my Uncle(Mama) who availed a Maruti van to reach me intact & rush free.

My first journey was till Frankfurt for about 8-1/2 hrs. then 5 hrs. break & another 8 hrs. to Philadelphia. It was my first ever such a long journey. So, a little excitement! Also one senior person was with me to make me more botherless, like where to go from place to place at the port itself & outside too! On Saturday, 27th Sept 2003, I reached the destination airport. Once I came out of the port & OH MY MY!! was America..the Clean city which I heard from others..yes, it was the same country! I believed it! Apart from this, I felt I had an extra day in my life like everyone who travel from the east to the west.

First Weekend: My first weekend went in resting since 24 hrs of sleepless journey & change of time zone.

Second weekend went on a tour to Philadelphia. Places visited: Liberty Bell, Independence hall, China Town, Museums etc.

Third weekend went to Washington D.C. Places visited: Capitol, Botanical Garden, Smithsonian Museums: Space, Natural History, Washington Tower, White house

Fourth Weekend: Saturday New York Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Wall street, WTC
First time I tried on my own to travel out of Philadelphia alone. Left Office early on Friday & by Greyhound bus went to New York Costing 21$ for 2 hr. journey. My other office colleague were in New York. They came at the Bus Terminus. I was told by those people to see this most happening city should be seen in the night. So we explored mainly Times Square where all big building holding colorful digital Hoarding, tall like building heights were the main attraction. I was amazed by watching the same. It was quite different unique feeling out here. So many people like us especially tourist are simply wandering on the streets. So many hotels shops makes the atmosphere live, which was exactly opposite to Philadelphia where everything start closing at 7:00pm. One of my Sr. office colleague Mr. Nayan who also happen to be a Committee member of Bhramanti told me that night life is very good out here. Though I took it positively since being a tourist

Sunday to Atlantic City. Places visited: Bally's Casino, Beach
It was a one hr. journey by road costing me 15$ for round trip. I was surprised when the reservation booking lady inform me that if I get down at Casino, the casino people returns me 12$ as an promotional gift. I enquired further to find out what for, they told me to the money one can use it for playing any of the game. I was happy since I saved my 12$ just to get in the casino. Though I didn't play the game but could able make out how people are mad about casino. Thousands of terminals connected in a large hall where people are testing their luck to win big money in short time. After spending some time I could able to track a way out of the casino & decided to visit outside which is any outdoor person prefer rather than sitting in a closed room. I went to near by beach. Wow it was no difference than our Juhu beach except the cleanness. I found so many Indian shops out there. I spent some time on the beach itself. I found a big live shell flown on the wooden plank. While browsing found a big building named Taj Mahal & I was sure that it must be a Casino like other big buildings namely Ballet etc. It was a memorizing visit too! out of all my previous weekend trips.

Returned on 24th Oct 2003 from Phila and reached Mumbai on 26th early morning.

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