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United Kingdom

This is my 6th foreign country visit. Fortunately due to some office project work my another dream comes true to visit England, the country which ruled India more than a Century. It's an opportunity to see the people & their work culture who managed to control our country as well some other country too!.

Actually it was good opts to visit UK instead of sweating in the summer of India. I arrived on 21st May Saturday 2005 at Manchester Airport by Emirates via Dubai. It was first time I landup into Dubai for short time of 2 & half hour break. I am not counting Dubai visit as one of the country visit among the 6, I mentioned above. When I landup at Manchester airport, it was raining. It gave me a feel of Monsoon in India. My destination was Liverpool. So I traveled to Liverpool, which is west coast of the England within 1 hr. by taxi costing 65. Which was a fare indication of how's the leaving standard of UK. The taxi driver was Pakistani. That travel time passed away by chit chatting about the culture & government of this country.

I will keep on adding my experiences henceforth in this article as & when any new visit/tour date wise.


liverpoolt.JPGLiverpool's Pier Head received World Heritage Site status from UNESCO in 2004. Visitors will pour into Liverpool to explore its magnificent cultural heritage. Culture and the arts have always been important to the city: its musical impact on the world has been unique; its writers, actors and artists have been pre-eminent; its architecture has been widely imitated; its art collections world-class and its sporting prowess has been legendary.

For more information on Liverpool's World Heritage Site status visit

24th May 2005

It was the Liverpool's day when Liverpool won the European football Cup against AC Milan. We were told by our London Office not to go out to avoid hurricane. since if Liverpool lose they may get wild and disturb the entire City. We thought of we can handle the crowd in such scenario as well & stay at the City Center to see the match along with the crowd who were in complete preparation from racks of Beers / Wine, music etc. I haven't ever saw such enthusiasm even in the Indian cricket fans too against its greatest rival Pakistan. After some time we thought of better to stay home and watch on the TV. We went to our office members hotel room. Fortunately Liverpool won the match. Entire Liverpool started lightening all over as the crowd cheers flags etc. etc. Same thing continued till next day each and every Individual wished each other to express their happiness. Even I myself congratulated my Taxi driver by which I traveled to my hotel which was at Albert Doc (Premier Travel Inn). I opted to take Taxi to avoid the nasty crowd. I wished everybody while passing through the City crowd whoever bangs on the Taxi, you must be knowing why????????

Next day entire Liverpool came in the Center to welcome their Lad. It was great. One doesn't required any further proof to say how football is famous here in Liverpool.

3rd July 2005

Awesome walls at Liverpool

AwesomewallOne of the best wall I ever seen in my climbing life span. Anyone who enters the Albans Church converted into indoor climbing wall church definitely would like to climb either any one of the route. Plenty of routes for practice with various grading put up on each wall. It's worth spending 6.50 per day. I love to spend all my weekends for the climbing practice here. The place is very near from my house just 20min walk. More details about wall, please click here

16th July 2005

World Museum Liverpool

One of free entry museum out of the seven in Liverpool is World Museum. Five storied heritage building hosting all different types of collection from the world. Except the aquarium all things are in the form of exhibits. Worth spending 2-3 hrs.

17th July 2005

Chester: A historic city. One can easily guess when you are in the City center. Chester Cathedral 1000 yr. old back to the time of Saxon. Also having a racecourse of olden time.

Chester Zoo: One of the second largest zoo in UK. It was founded by George Mottershead in 1930. Good collections of 500 species from various Chester_012t.jpgpart of the world. Plenty of space to accommodate all animal keeping in their natural habitat(supposed to be). My nature conservation savvy mind always worried about these animals. Because at some point of time those animals will loose their habits since they are kept in such places where hundreds of human being visit such places might be its a crowded place for animal. The other side is same people for example had killed major carnivorous animals in India when India was ruled by Britishers and now they are trying to save those extinct animals.

Anyway one can definitely opt for the day outing as weekend plan, its worth spending 14.50 to and fro (Liverpool to Beach) including zoo entry fee to avoid big weekend queue. This was my 5th zoo visit out of India. I am very much interested to see how these

23th July 2005

Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool

Maritime_015t.jpgOne of free entry museum out of the seven in Liverpool is Merseyside Maritime Museum. Four storied Dock building in the Albert Dock hosting this Museum. Worth spending 2-3 hrs. Greatest attraction is Titanic. The one which sank on 14th April 1912 at 11:40pm the "unsinkable". It was the sea disaster that would not have happened .Titanic collided with an iceberg on her maiden voyage from southampton to New York. Just over two-and-a-half hours later she sank with the loss of more than 10 lives.

The day before my visit to this museum on BBC one of the TV channel, the movie was shown. As well on the bottom it was written about this ship that it was registered in Liverpool. Since Liverpool was one of the shipyard of Britain.

Their are so many other ship models are on display but Titanic is I think might be the greatest attraction might be due to the film popularity.

20 - 21 Aug 2005
One of the Best moment out of my entire UK trip yet, is Climbing the Highest Mountain of UK, Ben Nevis(4404ft). It's in Scottland which is north of UK. We were Team of 8. Soloman R., Lalit S., Harshal C. Nitin M., Pushpak N., Bala Murli, Sanjay P. and me. It took 7 hrs. with comfort breaks in between to complete the entire trek. It's beautiful experience to see the surroundings from the high point of UK. Apart from this scottland itself is very scenic place. For detail article click here.....


Lake District:

Scafell.

28-29th Aug 05

This time we had a Lake District tour with 8 members team. The aim was to climb Scafell pike first and then roaming around the Lake district. We traveled from Liverpool to Wasdale Head by the hired vehicle on Saturday 28th Aug 05.... Read more.....

Photo Link....

Snowdon (1085mt)

Area: North Wales

11th Sept 05

Click here for the complete detailed article.


28 - 30 May 2005

Our entire team was Vishal, Prabhu, Prem, Uma, Yoga, Srikanth, Abhijit & me
On 27th May 2005 Friday night we traveled from Liverpool to Victoria/London by road with National Express Bus service. It took 6 hrs via Birmingham.

It was a sunny day. After refreshing in two hours we went to London tour using The 'Original Bus' service tour costing 16 each. We were 8 all together. Before start of the tour we spent some time at Bakingham Palace for 2 hrs. Unfortunately we could not see the Change of Guard ceremony but fortunately we saw something more than this. There was a practice parade organinsed in view of the Queens Birthday(4th June). We did lots of photography with those red colour dressed guards. It's quite different scene altogether for me watching security guards marching with the rhythm of band. It was a perfect start though we spend more time out here.

londont.JPGThen we Visited Trafalgar Square, St. Paul Cathedral, 330 steps tower Monument(which was build in the memory of London fire happened in the past), Famous London Bridge, London Eye build by the British Air force. The London eye is one of modern tourist attraction. It's a giant wheel with 32 oval shape carrying huts. Each one can accommodate around 20 people at a time. Two members of our team left us in the evening since they wanted to go some other place. We had dinner in the Indian Restaurant. One can find this place is somewhat homely as compare to other country since so many Indians everywhere.

29th May 05

After Breakfast visited Greenwich by ferryboat took almost 1 hr. & then 30 minutes walk to the high point where the Greenwich observatory built up. It took more than half day. Then visited Oxford Street for window Shopping of Electronics goods like Laptop, Camera, Video Camera etc.

30th May 05 Visited 'West Minister Abbey' & then to Madam Tussaud. All great people wax model has been created and put up for the show at this place. I wonder how much efforts the creator has taken to made such, almost duplicate of those famous people. Add-on to this the entry fee of 22 each also shows how costly the place to visit. Anyway we spent most of Camera time to click
Photographs with various famous personalities like Amitabh Bacchan, Mahatma Gandhi, Aishwarya Rai, Hitler, Bush etc. I found that very few interested to take photograph with Saddam except our fellow member Premgopal. Our another fellow member Yoga took only photograph with Aishwarya.
In the evening we return back to home by road with tired legs but rejuvenating memories. The highway London to Liverpool, I found it similar like Frankfurt to Interlaken (Swiss) experience. It was my first weekend of UK.

1st Oct 05

For some of my office work, I happened to be landup in the some what south end of the UK near Brighton a place called Horsham. A very remote city devloped by the Insurance, IT companies. Nothing is famous about the place. Out of all my other visits in UK, this place seems to be very remote like an Village. Once in the Afternoon I was standing in the house varandha and unique surprise to me a fox ran in front of me towards the dense tree area near by. This is first time I saw a wild animal in UK in the open. Thats one of the good experience. Any further surprise will keep on adding till my visit here in Horsham.

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