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Europe Tour


28th May 2004


Traveled from Frankfurt to Interlaken via Basel-Bern route bypassing Thune Lake which was on the schedule. Due to the time concern cancelled the Thune lake visit & directly went to Interlaken. It took some time to search our hotel Funnyfarm & finally settled down by 10:00pm. Luckily got McD's open where we survived our hunger for food. Had a small drink session with complete group. we were 14 including 4 wives with husbands & rest were the bachelors. Had Tequila session. It was a new drink test for me. It is supposed to be a Party drink. Also the Irish Belly test was good

29th May 2004

After The breakfast at Funnyfarm, we went to a railway station where we parked our vehicles & moved further to reach the Jungfrau. We switched 2 trains. It was kind of different experience where first time ever seen such trains moving vertically moving upwards at the grading of 45 degree angle. The train moves on a small track with a chain in the middle which keeps the train movement in one direction only. It was quite scenic view while on the move. The green Valley, lake & the snow claded mountains of Alps. The Train ends at a place where the place is popular as "Top Of the Europe". It was kind of luxuries trip since in India to reach such places will cost atleast 5-7 days on foot that too one has to carry all ration tentage etc for survival. This is kind of great effort taken by the Swiss government to popularizes the adventure tourism in Swiss. And I am sure tourism is one of the major part of the Swiss economy. After having fun at the high altitude at around 3500m. We all felt too hungry by 2:00pm. To our surprise we found Indian restaurant where one can have Indian unlimited food at the cost of 26 Franks. Also most of the places we found large Indian community visiting this place.

We have been to Ice Palace on the way while browsing the mountain. My adventure mind never stopped here. I was trying to find the actual highest mountain Mt. Blanc. I found 2 mountaineers planning to reach the summit of Jungfrau & asked about the same. It was not possible to view the Mt. Blanc since it was on the other side of the Jungfrau. They were attempting Jungfrau by Skiing till the col between Jungrau & Adjacent Mountain & Reach next day on the top. Using the binocular had a view of few climbers in the ridge holding the rope & ascending. IT was moral boosting for me to visit atleast one of the mountain in the future stay period of mine.

We return back to Hotel. Few had dizziness due to first time high altitude experience. IT was cold out there.

30th May 2004

Next day after the Break fast visiting Triammalbach waterfall. It was one of the unique feature of such falls. One can browse like wriggling through the mountain till the top from where the water is coming. Once again it was great effort from the Swiss government to make such arrangement for the visitors. While returning from the top I took Other way to come down instead of the lift. It was nice experience to walk down.

Next we moved to Luzerne lake by 4:00pm. Had boating in the lake. Luckily we found an Indian Hotel where while having our dinner we were counting each spoon with cost of 10 Rs.. almost. food was costly affairs. We had only Mendu-Vada(Vada with Hole in between) costing 9 SFr. We safely return to home by 10:00pm. Had another round of Party till late.

31st May 2004


After Morning Breakfast & hotel formalities clearance we started our journey towards Rheinfall. Its one of the largest water fall of Europe. We reach there by 4:00pm then after having Lunch went to the actual fall. It was amazing view when you go closer and closer to the fall. One can think of visiting the hillock in between the fall. One has to go other side of the river bed and take a launch. We didn't opted this option since spending time in the fall area with water sprinkling everywhere like a milk with lots of Sound. The Sound of the fall having commanding situation where not allowing anybody to listen except the fall sound. It was great experience to be there. One can spent hrs. and hrs watching the fall. I brought Swiss knife from here just as a kind of souvenir though I was having 2. The one which I got it from India has got a bended after opening almost 24 Bear bottles. We left Rheinfall by 6:00pm and by gods grace and due our navigation team Gautam, Shan and pilot Venky, Rishi we reached safely to Frankfurt. Return our rented vehicles & reached home by S/U Banh.

It was one of the unique enjoyable experience for me as well to the whole team of ours.

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