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Yamuna, the great among the greatest rivers is also known as the Queen consort of Lord Shri Krishna. Goloka the divine abode of the Lord is the home of Yamuna. When the Lord dictated Yamuna to descend on the earth, she first went round Shri Krishna. Thereafter, with great force, she descended on the peak of Sumeru Mountain. Her journey began thence towards the southern side of the great mountain chains. In the course of her journey Yamuna crosses many lofty peaks.

Right among the peaks, the dark-complexioned Yamuna parted with the fair-complexioned Ganga, and reached a peak Kalind, to start her journey downwards since Yamuna began her journey downwards from the peak Kalind, hence she got an epithet Kalindi. Crossing and piercing many peaks and wetting expansive planes in the way, Yamuna reached Khandav Vana, where the modern city of Delhi stands.

Yamuna had longed to see almighty Lord Krishna as her husband. Hence taking the guise of an extremely pretty woman, she began severe penance in Khandava Vana. Lord Surya, Yamuna’s father, built an under water palace there for her to take rest. It is believed that she still resides there. From Khandava Vana, Kalindi travel fast to reach Vrindavana and Mathura in Vraja region.

In Gokul, the extremely pretty Yamuna constituted a group of teenaged girls to participate is Raas of Lord Krishna. She also selected an abode there for permanent stay.

From Vraj, Yamuna continues her journey due south and south-east ward purifying many regions in the way. She reached Prayag, the holiest among all the holy places of pilgrimage. There she meets again with Ganga. Both of them travel together from Prayag onwards upto Ksheer Sagar.

Near the sea, with over whelming Yamuna says: Gangey, you are great that you originate right from the feet of Lord Krishna. You are venerable in all the three world. From here, I am ascending again to reach the abode of Shri Hari. If you wish, you may also accompany me.

Ganga says: Yamuney you have the power of sanctifying the whole universe. You originate from the left part of Lord Krishna. You are an embodiment of the supreme joy. You are the queen consort of Lord Krishna, hence venerable in the whole world. Your sight is rare, even to the gods. I greet you. But I can’t accompany you. With Lord Krishna dictate, I now go to the Patal Loka.

Thus, both of them greeted each other and went to their respective destinations. Yamuna ascended in the form of jog like stream, on the tops of the peaks. Thence, rising sky wards, she reached to the heaven. From there she reached Lord’s Krishna Goloka via Brahma Loka, her original abode.

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