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Sunday 1 and 2 Climbing

24-25 Dec 2006


Sunday 1 & 2 routes Climbing: 13 members team of Bhramanti climbed the Sunday 1 and Sunday 2 pinnacle in a day. This is third successfull event of such kind in Bhramanti's history. This time team size was bigger than our previous such attempt . Mr. Doug Jhonson of USA was part of the climbing team. The Sunday 1 route was of the grade difficult. Kishore lead this route while Sunday 2 is of medium grade was lead by Rajesh. The ascent took 4-5 hrs. We thanks to all team membes for the best support.

23rd Dec 06
The idea of climbing two routes in a day was planned by Climbing incharge of Bhramanti Kaivalya. We travelled by two vehicle from Mumbai using Travera & Maruti Van distributing 13 members team. We started our journey from Omkareshwar Temple, Borivali East with blessing from lord Ganesh. We travelled overnight to Tryambakeshwar. We spent early morning 3 hrs in the car till the late Van arrive at the destination. The place was already started chanting the Shiv mantras in the cold temperature. The shilout of the pinnacle started gaining our breath. Having refreshed in the nearby fresh room, we had early morning breakfast and parked our car in the nearby temple on the way to our climbing destination. It was 1 hr trek to the proposed base camp identified by Santosh, who already had been to this place in the past. He prepared Tea for all of us and menawhile we sorted our equipment and distributed the Climbing & Support team.

Sunday 1 SummitBoth the team parted away, while Prashant, Ashis & Anand ruled as theDescending from Sunday 2 Col  support team, Suhash and Chandan role was photography and rest of the team member focused on the climbing. Sunday 1 is on the extreem right of the mountain while Sunday 2 in the middle where there is a col. I dont know the naming history of these routes, might be it was climbed on Sunday so the name. The Sunday 1 is of the grade difficult while the Sunday 2 route was of medium grade. Almost around same time both the route had been climbed by Kishore and Rajesh in a gracefull fashion. We returned back to the base in the dark. The rest of the team showed us torch light on the way to direct the way to the base camp. We had a tastee dinner prepared by Santosh and assisted by Suhas & other team members. After the dinner we discussed about the next day strategy and closed the day.

25th Dec 06

Sunday 2 SummitThe next day it was decided for those who was in the support role were planned to leave for the Sunday 1 climb since Sunday 2 was a matter of time consuming to ascent on the overhangs. The climb started at 10am Kaivalya, Kishore, Suhas & Rajan(myself) escorted the newbees Prashant, Anand, Chandan, Ashish. While our American friend Doug also
tried his luck to reach the summit in his own style. At the end all were happy. While climbing I got atleast 2-3 sms from my frineds to wish me Merry Christmas. And it was the timely wish to celebrate our dual success. We return back safely in the dark to the temple after sorting all our equipments. We left 3 tape slings and 1 peg on the Sunday 1 for anchoring.

It was 3rd such kind of climb we did in the history of Bhrmanati. Also it was Silver Jublee of Bhramanti Climbing history as well of mine. Though as per Bhramanti's climb record total count is 28 out of which 3 reapeat climb, so it was a double celebration for Bhramanti and myself.

We congratulate all team members and the Team Bhramanti for the excellent effort. We thanks to Mr. Doug, Nandu & Rajesh Gadgil for the equipment support.

Photo Link: Sunday 1, 2, 3, 4, All

-- Rajan Rikame

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