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Starved Rock State Park Nature Trail

14th July 2007

This is the first ever trail in US under the "Bhraman 07".
It was organised in the small scale depending upon all availability of interested people. This was one day activity. The participant were Sanjay, Sumit, Vishwanath, Murugesan(KK) & me.

The area was UTIKA which 90 miles south west of Chicago. The Starved rock state park is one of the old national park concentrated on around the Illinois river.

We started from Presidential Tower in the morning with rental car squeezing 5 of us. Our pilot was KK and Navigator Sumit.starved It was 2 hrs drive completing 95 miles. Got all required info from the Visitor Center near the main parking lot. Identified our route and started at around 11am. We planned for the River trail and then further till Lone point shelter. The expected total distance was 12.3 Miles to and from. Though our navigator was bit not sure about completion but later he made is mind clear after experiencing the set route. Almost the entire route was either set by wooden track and at some point concrete. At some of the view points wooden barricade were placed so that people can do photography site for some time to get relaxed view of the Illinois river. So over all the definition of adventure here is very protective here as compare with what we do in Sahyadri mountains of India.

We passed through Lover's Leap Overlook, Eagle Cliff Overlook, Pontiac Canyon, Beehive Overlook, Wildcat Canyon, Sandstone Point Overlook and then to Parkman's Plain. We missed our route at this point. instead of going towards Owl Canyon we overlook the map and went ahead straight towards parking place. We used this place as our st lon break. After refreshing ourselves we decided to reach till Council Overhang point instead of Lone Point (since this last point seems more crowded with Parking etc.) and then return from the Council Overhang. Unfortunately I don't know how many days but the route was closed due to some reason. So we had to return from this point itself. It was 2:15pm at this time.

While returning we visited all bypassed points like Lasalle Canyon, Tonty Canyon and Finally the Starved Rock. All these 3 places were very beautiful. The La salle Canyon was still flowing we spent some more time for photography.

starved By the time we return to the parking place it was 4:00pm so we all decided to visit the Lemont Ram temple which is on the way to use the full utilisation of our time. In Next 1 hrs we reached the Ram temple. It is a beautiful temple. We had prasadam here, and the return journey to our home.

Overall for me its feel good experience something which I always like to do.

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Rajan Rikame

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