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Sky Diving in Chicago

3rd Aug 08

After the Mountaineering expedition and river rafting, it was the time for Skydiving. That makes the complete ‘Package of Adventures’ for me. Thanks to Anjan, my office colleague who properly directed me to the starting point of skydiving. Unfortunately last year our plan got canceled due to unfavorable weather condition. But this time it happened. We did online reservation for seven members (Siddharth, Sanjay, Bennette, Parag, Bhuvan, and Rodeny) including me, through for Sunday 3rd Aug 08.

The location was at Hickenly which is 59 miles far from downtown. It took 90 min to reach all of us with two cars. We reported to the Chicago Sky diving Centre (CSC) on time ( 2:00 pm ). Completed formalities by registering ourselves and fulfilling couple of consent forms for risks involved. We all were so excited that none of us were bothered about filling up so many forms and signatures. The place was full of eager, energy and enthusiasm. The main area where the diver gets equipped is kind of another happening place other than the actual diving place. Specially the parachute packers, the way they were packing the parachute was one of the interesting area, and all of us must had good look on site. We all have opted for the photo & video shoot by paying extra cost since it was 1st ever experience for each one of us. We spent some time waiting in the queue which was best utilized in playing the Volleyball actively by us.

At around 4:00pm we were called for gearing up with the harness and then introduction by the guide as well brief interview session by the cameraman. All these guys were really making the environment cheerful. Our team was divided into two groups, four in first and rest three along with other divers in second group. With each group there were people doing free fall practice with creating different formation. Our small plane with all 16 members team made the plane jam pack and within 15-20 min we were at 14000ft. Suddenly within no time each one of us got vanished from the plane and then in the air. My guide name was Rob. Leaving the plane was one of the scariest moments for all of us and off course the free fall of 1 minute. Our camera man caught our expressions on time. At one point of time he told us to hold his hand to get the close photo. But for me it was kind of experience like the people who does the formation in the air. It was really a great experience keeping all sorts of thought like what will happen… if then else... But once you are airborne, you don’t have any choices except depending upon your guide. After the free fall the guide was pointing to my altimeter watch for the 6000ft indicator, but it was of no use since I was enjoying the fall and totally engrossed in that. Rob, my guide opened the parachute and suddenly the jerk and the free fall of the cameraman gave me the idea of the speed of falling. It was approximately 100miles per min. The guide started moving in circular motion with my confirmation. We had little chat while the dive about downtown location etc. It took around 4-5 min after the free fall to land on the allocated place, though my mind never stopped of thinking like in case if we land on road etc... But it was simply thrilling fun.

All of us landed safely & greeted each other after the successful dive. Our other teammates also had similar kind of experience and gesture. After the dive we spent one hour watching each one’s video shoot. After collecting videos we all went to the Aurora temple and then home.

It’s really a must experience if you are adventure enthusiastic and if you get a chance.

*** 2nd Jump from 14000 ft at CSC on 19th June 2010 6pm

Written by: Rajan Rikame

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