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Shenit Pinnacle (~145ft)

26th Mar 2006

Shenit Pinnacle from Shenit Pahire Shenit Pinnacle is in the Igatpuri region and one cannot see the pinnacle till he reaches near the base village Shenit Pahire. Shenit Pahire is a beautiful Village situated in the valley. People here out is very loving & humanity.

We traveled in the evening of 25th Saturday by a 10 seater private vehicle & a bike. We Left Borivali at 7:00pm & Reached the nearby village in the night around 1:00am of 26th March. We sleep in the Temple Premises.

We left the village at 7:00am & reach the Shenit Pahire another 10 km further. On the way we saw another pinnacle and at first glance thought of the same pinnacle as Shenit. But as we turned inside the valley we found the correct target of the day. We left our vehicle near the Hanuman temple had breakfast and Tea. First team including Kaivalya, Kavita, Pankaj, Hemant & myself left the place early to find the route etc. The second team Nandu, Rishi, Kiran, Prashant, Rajesh, Nitin & Apurva were in the second team started of fin next 30 min to join us.

We planned a moderate route but not the traditional one which was quite easy(col route). We took the routeBittangadh from the Summit which is from the west side. We started at around 11:00am. This time Hemant was our lead climber supported by Kaivalya. I was the 3rd Man. The last final patch was climbed by Kaivalya since Hemant was bit tired. Then the entire team climbed once by one using the fixed rope for support. We finished our activity by 7:00pm. We reached the base village by 9:00pm.

To our surprise the villagers had started preparing a dinner for all of us saying that we are their guest of the day. It was a treat for us since all we were tired due to day activity. After the dinner we left the place by 10:00pm to Mumbai and have to run for the drained tanks of our vehicle in the Rajur area. We reached Mumbai at 6:00am. This time we misjudged the travel time I think or may be due to worst road condition in the remote village.

For Bhramanti this was a remarkable day since this was first time ever 12 climbers summated the pinnacle in a day. Previously we did such attempt but it was under the established route in Karnala for our new trainees totaling 13 members in all including 4 volunteers.

Written By: Rajan Rikame

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