Photography Competition

"Nature conservation is our Aim & Adventure is our goal".
Join us for the venture.

We are happy to announce a photographic Competition for all Bhramanti members.

Theme: Earth Live, Adventure

A. Earth Alive - All natural pictures from Bhramanti events, that brings out the life.
This can include flora & fauna, landscapes, other natural surroundings
B. Adventure - All pictures that depict adventure (this could be a paragliding event, or a climbing event or basically anything to depict the adventurous venture of Bhramanti is).

Rules & Regulation:
1. The participants must be a member before taking part in Bhramanti organised trek
2. Photographs should have been taken from our activities only. (Proof is required)
3. Photographer should prove it's his photo only (Authentic)
4. Per activity one can send 2 photos only & Max 4 activities one can send the photos.
5. Photos must be sent within week after the activity.
6. At the year end collected photographs will be displayed & a judges will decide the best.
7. There will be nominal entry fee charged which will be announced later.
8. Best 2 photos will get Certificate from Bhramanti & a Surprise gift.

Dates: 1st April 07 - 31st March 08 Best Photos of Bhramanti

Winner of year Apr 06 - Mar 07 : Rohan P. (Adventure)
Winner of year Apr 05 - Mar 06
: Jyoti Raut (Earth Live) & Krishnadas Warrier (Adventure)

Send your feedback who is the best at following email address.


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