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Blackwell Forest Reserve Trail, Naperville, IL Visit

11 Aug 2013

This was a days trip planned with the family. Almost 2 hr of drive from Chicago to the south. The plan was to leave home on Sunday 4 Aug before noon, visit Aurora Temple, meet Mahendra and family and then head to the Blackwell Forest Reserve, have a nature trail to explore the area and return back by evening. Everything went as expected except some delay. Mahendra and his family were volunteering the Veggie Fest in the close by area all the way drove from Meneapolis to Chicago for the Veggie Fest volunteering and took some time out for the Trek which is supposed to be the part of 10 International activities organised on behalf of Bhramanti here outside India.

Realy this is nice place for family hike. There are many trails, biking routes as well horse trail all the way spread accross multiple pockests of this forest reserve. At on epoint Mahendra pointed that the government is spending our tax money in proper manner this way. Any way we had a lot of chit chatting all the way in 1 and half hr covering 5.5 miles of trail. The best of the trail I felt is the small water stream where the trail cross over the bridge. It is calm and watching those fish is nice experinece. The trail has variety of butterfly, birds, mammal, fish, insects & reptiles.

For me it was best driving experience since drove 1st time on my own on the highway. Thanks to my new I-PASS and Garmin. This was 6th hike of the year where we are celebrating 10 years of Bhramanti.

Rajan Rikame

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