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26/27th Oct. 2000

        One of  the Historic fort. This fort was conquered by Chatrapati Shivaji in 1672. In the first attempt they lost the battle. Latter Moropant lead maratha's won the battle by which whole Baglan area were under the control of Shivaji. It was one of the area by which Shivaji went to Surat on his trip. While returning he was chased by the Mughals on the same root. Sunrise from east end of the fort On 25th Oct. 2000 night we started by City link Bus at 12:30pm from Mumbai/ Dadar. Since it was continuos holiday there were considerable rush in the bus. My co-trekker Milind & Canute initially were un aware of plan. So we had a small talk on the way about our plan & eventually decided to visit Mulher first then Mora on the first day & Salher, Salota on the second day (Optional).

  The bus was full so we thought of next bus, since the next bus we were not sure about when it will come & all. We traveled in the Bus comfortably. We reached Nasik at 4:00am. We left Nasik for Satana at 5:45am by a shared taxi. From Satana we left to Tahirabad by State Transport Bus at 8:20am. From Tahirabad we had breakfast on the way to Mulher by local shared Jeep at 9:00am. We reached Mulher at 9:25am. Without any time waste querying on the way about root & confirming feasibility about our plan we reached to the base of the fort. After a small break we started slowly towards our destination. After passing two entrance of the fort towards right there exist a Ganapati Talao & a Temple. If one continued towards right the root reaches towards the Hargad (Fort). After spending 10 min. around the temple. we went straight instead right. On the way one should pass a goddess curved in the rockface on the right while climbing. On the top there exista big Maruti carved in the rock & painted with his colour. There are two caves on the right side & on the left a water tank. This water is potable. The same gully reaches to the top by zig zag way by the rock cut steps. By this we reached on the top of the fort. 

All this exercise took two hrs. for us to complete. We took our lunch in the caves & then surfed the platue on the top after considerable rest near to the Badangnath temple. On the right side of the Badangnath temple there exist two big water tanks. We spend another one hr. to find the proper place for us to pitch our two men tent. Finally we found a place near to the main palace ruins where a gate exists without any wall presence. Also just down below this place water point exist. One of our partner Canute D'sa was in a very much enthu mood since this was his first time to spend a night in the tent as well on such a height (4320 ft).  We all three fixed our tent within twenty minute. We found a place for chulha near  to our tent. I was the controller of the kitchen. Milind had collected considerable amount of dry wood sticks to burn. Canute were allotted water supply responsibility. While they were on their duty, I was alone at the time of preparing coffee for us. I could able to hear some vague sound very differently with little fear in mind. I was worried before burning the first match stick since the top was covered with dry grass in that windy atmosphere; since I have seen jungle fire in live during my past trek. Once I thought for waiting my partners to come & then do the fire work in their presence so that in the worst condition we three can work out cumulatively. But other side of my mind had a thought of why I should not present them a cup of coffee while they return to the home after collecting dry sticks & water for us. So I took some precautions By cleaning the dry grass  around the chulha & put additional small rocks to restricts the spread immediately. As well I had collected all our available water near to the chulha. I could successfully able to start the chulha with a single match stick. I have to save those sticks since we were having a lone match box hardly with 10-15 sticks. Because few sticks were required for cigarettes too. So at the end I could able to prepare tastee coffee without milk for all of us within considerable time. As soon I finish this we started to prepare our favorite trek dish khichadi. It took another 25 min. to prepare. By the time our khichadi gets ready within those 25 minutes we were enjoying the night beauty with stars on the top & city lights looks like stars  on the ground. So everywhere star & stars only. We were singing songs with eye drops cause of smoke of the chulha but enjoying every moment of the trek. Around 8:00pm we started our candle light dinner in the tent. Though it is dangerous to light candle in the tent we took proper precaution to avoid any problem like tent burning. So we washed our hands after 30 min. It was nice experience to have dinner such a way. We all were tired cause of the trek so decided to not to move further according to our plan. We decided to pack off next day morning. 

Next day morning I woke up early at around 6:00am & went out to catch the sunrise glimpse on the east side of the fort. Canute went to west end & Milind decided to continue his lovely dream full sleep in the worm tent inside. The atmosphere was pretty cold. After return  back from both end Milind was still sleeping inside, we decided to prepare a cup of coffee. By the time he woke up & ready for next move coffee was ready we all had it & closed out camp with cleaning the area where we put on. The heat in the atmosphere started increasing by around 8:30am. On the way we found one group of trekers stayed at Ganesh temple. We just waved them & queried by body posture what's plan; they shall be visiting on the same day to the Mulher fort. 

We found a well near to the base where we took bath & moved for the next return journey to Mumbai. So at around 9:30 pm we all were at our home. So, came to an end a beautiful marvellous adventurous trek full of fun and frolic.

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Sunrise from east end of Mulher Fort. Mangi Tungi Pinacle on the north side. Tent pitching on the top of Mulher.
Tent with Palace Gate on top. Rajan & Milind


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