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Marjori Nook Pinnacle (~90ft)

2nd April 06

Marjori Nook

Marjori Nook from the pointOne of the less visited spot of Matheran is Marjori Nook. It's one of the point of Matheran while heading towards One tree hill point from the market place leaving behind the Louisa point. One can see the Prabal exactly in front & Irshal on the left with a scenic look of Morbe lake. The pinnacle is almost merged in the Matheran hillok. Its of around 80ft verticle height. One has to descend down 150 ft in the col which is in between the point & Pinnacle.

We left Mumbai CST at 5:32pm to Karjat & reached Neral. From Neral hired local Taxi to Matheran entrance (Dasturi) which is another 30-45 min journey. We saw the famous Neral-Matheran train submerged into the heavy rainfall of last year. Anyways we prefreed to stay in the open near to our climbing area. The next day morning had a surprise meet of 2 old friends. They invited us for the morning breakfast with their camp.

Our entire team members were Kaivalya, Sonali, Kapil, Parag, Rishi, Hemant, Pankaj, Apurva & Myself. This time it was my turn to lead the climb. The climb from the col side were of easy grade for first 40 ft later a slight overhang held us for moving further . I decided to fix some anchor on the ledge which is at right side of the col. Asked the secondman Kaivalya to Rajan On Topbelay me from the ledge. After the fixture Kaivalya found a walkable traverse and easy climb to the back side of the pinnacle facing the prabal in front(West) & Louisa to the left(North). So I took the safer route this time. While the support team enganged with video , they were shocked to see me in next 2-3 min on top of the pinnacle. All the team members reached on the summit one by one. There is a fixed peg on top but one should not rely completely on this anchor. 4 people can stand comfortably on the pinnacle. We windup all our activity by the sunset with some satisfaction. I was happy too since it was my first lead of this climbing session.

We spent some time exploring Matheran like tourist with all our sacks on the back. Celebrated the climb with chocolate fudge & cold drink sponsored by Rajan & Apurva (since his first climb(Shenit pinnacle) party was pending.

Written By Rajan Rikame

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