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List of Books and CDs as of date: 16th Jan 2007.








- Himalayan Journal Volume:56 Year 2000 (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Himalayan Journal Volume:57 Year 2001 (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Himalayan Journal Volume:58 Year 2002 (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Himalayan Journal Volume:59 Year 2003 (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Himalayan Journal Volume:60 Year 2004 (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Himalayan Journal Volume:61 Year 2005 (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Himalayan Journal Volume:62 Year 2006 (Edited by Harish Kapadia)


- A Passage To Himalaya (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Touching Upon the Himalaya, Bill Aitken


- Nehru Mountaineering Journal Volume:II Year 1996

- Nehru Mountaineering Journal Volume:IV Year 1998

- Nehru Mountaineering Journal Volume:V Year 1999

- Nehru Mountaineering Journal Volume:VI Year 2000

- Nehru Mountaneeiring Journal Volume:VII Year 2001-02
- Nehru Mountaneeiring Journal Voulme:VIII Year 2002-03
- Nehru Mountaneeiring Journal Voulme:IX Year 2003-04

- Nehru Mountaneeiring Journal Volume:X Year 2004-05


- The Indian Mountaineer 37, 2002

- The Indian Mountaineer 38, 2003

- The Indian Mountaineer 40, 2005


- Mountaineering Guide, Nehru institute of mountaineering (Hindi)

- National Outdoor Leadership School 2003 course guide.


- View from the Summit, Sir Edmond Hillory

- The Nandadevi affair, Bill Aitken




- Sahyadri Companion (English)

- Sahyadri Companion (Marathi)


- Trek The Sahyadris, Edition V, (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Trek The Sahyadris, Edition III, (Edited by Harish Kapadia)

- Dongar Yatra, Anand Palade (Marathi)


First Aid


- Accident First Aid


Rock Climbing


- Training For Rock Climbing, Steve Vollen

- Rock Climbing (Sheela Aarohan), Manohar Puri, (Marathi)


Bird Watching


- Collins Hand guide to the BIRDS of the Indian Sub-Continent

- Bird watching, David Saunders


Other Books:


- South East Asia Holidays, Traveler Outlook

- An Autobiography, M. K. Gandhi

- Short Story, Ravindranath Tagore

- Born To Win,

- Chakras

- Space Time Motion, Dr. S. N. Bhavsar

- Handbook for Patrol Leader (USA)

- Martial Arts: Judo Karate Kungfoo(Hindi), Judo (George Edwards)



- Outlook Traveller


Gangotri to Badrinath, High Altitude Expedition 2000

- Kedardome Expedition 2002

- Spiti 2006
- Nandadevi Base Camp Trek (2006)

- Diwali Trek Costal area, Goa to Mumbai (2004)
- Diwali Trek Nashik area, (2005)
- Everest (VCD)

- Everest -The Death Zone
- Hillar .and Tenzing
- Himalaya with Michael.Palin (Part 1-6)
- NIM Basic Course training (VCD) (2006)

Rules and Regulation:  
This rules and regulations are subjected to change as and when any new amendment by the authority. It will be communicated to the members time to time.

  1. Rajan Rikame owns most of the Books.
  2. “Milind G” & “Krishna D” owns some of the Books..
  3. Owners have complete rights to withdraw the books whenever he/she wishes.
  1. Every Individual has to pay Rs. 100/- towards the maintenance charges.
  2. Only Bhramanti members are allowed to use this facility. Non-members should take Bhramanti membership to avail this facility.
  3. For viewing VCD or Photos Rs. 50/- towards the maintenance charges is plus.

  1. One has to enquire the required book either by calling us or by an email.
  2. Upon confirmation member has to pick up the book from the library personally.
  3. Member can keep the book for max 2 weeks only.
  4. Member should return the book well on time, since this is voluntary work and we don’t expect to spent time for follow up. It’s individual responsibility to coordinate with the concern person for pickup and deliver.
  5. Members can avail 1 book only at a time.
  6. Members should not pass the book to other fellow members without any notice to the library.
  7. One can read these books there it self during the library timings mentioned below.

    Lost, Damage & Delay:
  1. One should take care of the books since all these books are rare and not easily available in the market.
  2. In case of loss the members has to pay the entire amount of the book and Rs. 100/-. Else the member should produce the same copy if he/she can get it from whichever source.
  3. In case of Damage member should pay Rs. 100/- no matter the intensity of damage. This includes tearing, loss of pages, spoiling etc.
  4. If member not able to deliver on time then he will be charged in multiples of 5 as the days get extended. For example. 1st day Rs. 5, 2nd Day - Rs. 10, 3rd – Rs 15.

  1. We request to all members to donate relevant books to the library.
  2. Those who wish to donate in terms of cash will also be accepted. These funds will be utilized for library books & maintenance purpose only.

Aim of such activity is to share knowledge, which will be helpful for the team and entire adventure community. We are also trying to avail the photo library in the form of CD. Member can purchase the same CD's at the Annual Day Function of Bhramanti.

In case if you have any suggestion do let us know. We will evaluate and take the necessary action.   Those who have already taken books kindly return back as early as possible.  

For Library Address:
Contact: 9869007082  

Library Timing:
Will be open only on Saturday & Sunday between 2:00pm – 5:00pm

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