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Karnala (469 mts.)
Date 26th July 2007

Trek organized for Hexaware, Mumbai.

The entire Hexaware group with Bhramanti Banner. Leftmost Milind & Kiran standing behind.


The group trekking to the Karanala Fort on the last ridge in the rain.

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Date 28th Apr 2002

Morning at 7:15 am we gathered at Our colleague's (Milind) home since we were planned to drive his car for Karnala Fort visit. We were 3 this time including myself & 2 advocates. I was having my regular mouth alcer problem. Also due to incomplete sleep I was not upto the mark mentally.

This time two advocates a new friend Virendra were part of our group. If two or three same kind of professionals get together then naturally they will talk more about their profession. This time two advocates Milind & new friend Virendra made our journey (70 KM) till base of Karnala like I was a spectator in the court listening to the hearing of so many cases which they were facing. It was good experience to know certain aspects of law professionals.

At around 9:00 pm we reached Karnala. Karnala is a famous bird sanctuary. Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located in Panvel Taluka of Raigad District. The sanctuary is quite small with an area of 4.27 Sq.kms. The sanctuary provides excellent facilities for trekking. The sanctuary has 2 Forest Rest Houses of the Forest Department with 2 suites each. The reservation authority is Dy.C.F. (Wildlife), Thane. Here the Jungle is protected by the forest dept. One can find only peak funnel shape in this area to identify Karnala Fort.

After cup of tea we started our trek. It's easy trek suitable for beginners. Though summer heat made us heavy sweating, but the sudden cool breeze made us recharged every time. First phase of trek is till the col & then towards right(south east) of the col a plane plateau walk of around 20 min. will take you to the base of karnala pinnacle. We found some fortification around the pinnacle. At the base of the pinnacle one can find the water cisterns. We found lots of honey beas around the peak which remember me some accidents mentioned in the Harish Kapadi's Trek to Sahyadri books accident dairy while climbing the pinnacle due to honey beas attack.

Our friend Virendra has got some problem with the heights . So he was worried a bit. He asked me what is the height to self satisfied himself. I satisfied his query. The height of this place is 475mts. Towards east one can see Manikgad & Lingi. After spending an hour on the top we return back to the base within another one hr at around 12:30 pm. It was easy kind of trek so all of us were not that tired/hungry. We had some fruit juice & spend another 30 min. near the dhaba (hotel). While having this we were chit- chatting near a tree sitting on the table. Suddenly we found some movement on the steam of the tree. It took few seconds to find out what is happening. There were two Chameleon fighting with each other for unknown reason. Their colour made them like part of the tree. While we were watching the fight both had changed their own colours. It was all together different experience. I felt regretted since I was not able to catch them live in my camera. 

We returned back to Mumbai early evening saluting the Pinnacle hoping for the next time visit to climb the Karnala pinnacle.

Karnala Pinnacle (45mts)
Date: 9th June 2002

It was an early fulfillment of my desire to climb Karnala Pinnacle. Since my last visit on 28th April, I had a wish to climb this pinnacle. It was great to happen it so early and almost the last week before rain.

This was our second pinnacle climb of this year after Anjaneri. It was special for me since I was the leading climber. This all happens because of our friend Kaivalya Varma, who is a snake rescuer. If anybody wants to know more about the snakes around Mumbai I can tell you that you will find most information from him. May be you will find a snake at his residence which he had recently caught. He had opted me this chance of leading the pinnacle. The height of the pinnacle is 150 ft. but when we climbed our route height was around 180 ft. The rock is fairly firm. Little loose scree on the top, which one should take care while climbing. From the top one can see Mumbai harbour. Our climbing team members were Kaivalya, Milind, Santosh, Pritam, Surendra & me. All had climbed the pinnacle with considerable time. The first person (That's me) reached on the top at 11:10am. We started at around 10:35am. Ideally a solo climb should take 15 min. This was quite easy climb.

We gathered all our equipment & ration on Saturday & then started at around 7:00pm. We traveled by a Fiat & a Bike. One of the trekking group were supposed to join us at Karnala at around 8:00pm. But due to rain & wiper problem Milind driven us with slow but safely to the base of the Karnala bird sanctuary. Due to which the group we called them Jayram group (Mr. Jayram, Iyyer and five children's) were anxiously waiting for our arrival to accompany them. When we saw the children we felt very sorry for our late arrival. But the cheers on their face boost our enthu. I told all my colleagues that we should entertain these young nature lovers.

At 11:00pm in the night we started our trek to the Karnala Fort to avoid the hot day sweating which generally leads to the dehydration. Though it was night trek it happened to lots of sweating. Around 1:30pm we reached on top. We prepared our dinner (Instant Pulav & Mixed veg soup) & had it. Since everybody were hungry & the taste Pulav & Soup lead all Jayaram group to sleep within no time. We all climbing members had a little chart of our plan & went to sleep at around 4:20am in the morning of sunday. In the morning after tea & breakfast we started our activity. It took 1 & half hr. to get prepared & explain the climbing plan. All this planning was done by Kaivalya. After climbing the Karnala pinnacle, by 4:00pm we started our return journey. We reached at the base (Mumbai-Goa) road at around 6:00pm & then to Mumbai by 10:00pm.

I had spent some time with the children since they were waiting for us to return. I told them how to climb on small boulders & carried some practice for them. I hope they must have enjoyed since one of the child (I think Soma) asked me when I should be climbing on the pinnacle? It was good to see such enthusiast children. Also a smart kid Shrinath used to say why the people makes these fort wall dirty by writing their names & all. These words sounds great, atleast these younger generation is having the awareness of keeping such places clean & all. Also I am happy to know such parents who are promoting such adventure & Nature conservation kinda activity among their children.

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