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Trek to Bhupatgad

30/31st May 2009

Participants – Kiran(Trek Lead), Gopal(Deputy),
Ajay, Anthony, Harshal, Laxmikant, Pramod , Rakesh, Sai Nath, Vinay, Winnith

As per the plan the Tavera started from Borivali with Harshal, Rakesh, and Anthony. The rest of us boarded the Tavera at Thane at Teen Haath Naka. We started the trip from Thane at around 8:15 pm along the Agra Road , and due to some accident there, we were caught in a huge traffic jam. Finally at the Bhivandi junction, we took a left turn and continued the journey through Bhivandi towards Wada, This road has a lot of potholes upto Bhivandi town and is not very comfortable for travelling. We had a fuel stop in between and soon after crossing Bhivandi stopped at a Dhaba for a sumptious dinner. We then reached Wada which was about 35 to 40 kms from here and our next destination point was Jawhar. This stretch of road from Wada to Jawhar was excellent, wit h clear signboards and markings all along. Finally at around 1:30am we reached Jawhar, and from here, after enquiring wit h the localites headed towards Zaap taking a right turn into a thin road. This road to Zaap is also very uneven and filled wit h potholes. Finally we reached the Bhupatgad base village Chinchawdi at around 2:30 am . Here we rested for the night at theBhupathad village temple and were up by 6 in the morning and refreshed ourselves with some good tea at a local villager’s house. This is a very dry area wit h very little water, especially in the summer season. It would be good if any government body/welfare organisation could do something to ease the water problem of the villagers here. The location is remote too & separated by atleast 20 kms from any of major towns.

We started the trek around 7:30am . There is quite a bit of greenery along the route, though the effects of tree cutting can be realized easily due to the low density of trees on the route. There were many plants on the route wit h some sweet and refreshing purple berries which we kept plucking and eating on the way(locally known as karwande). We reached the top of the fort at around 9 and had a breakfast of snacks that each of us had brought along. We then roamed along the top of the fort for about half an hour, and the scenery of the valley and villages below and the mountain ranges beyond was excellent. There is a water tank on top of the fort wit h a little water, but this water is not potable. The trek is quite easy, but one should carry enough water wit h them as the region is very dry, especially in summer. We then started our journey down to the village. Here we rested for sometime at the village temple. Since there was enough time we decided to visit BhupatgadDevbandh on the route back. This route is also extremely narrow & usually directionless! Need to ask at every junction for directions. Our plan was to go to Vada via Devbandh – Khodala – Vada. It takes about an hour & half to reach Devbandh. Located on the Jawhar – Kasara road, this place is famous for the Lord Ganesh Temple . The place extremely scenic wit h hills on all 4 sides & a river flowing nearby. We could only imagine seating there in the hot month of May how scenic & heavenly it would be during monsoon. Instantaneously, we decided to have a trip in this area in coming monsoon! Here we spent some time in the serenity of the temple and then had our lunch wit h some cows who forcefully invited themselves to the party. We then started our return journey to Mumbai via Vada & Manor at around 3 pm and after a quick halt for tea at Vada junction, we touched Borivili, Mumbai at around 5:30 pm. Thanks to the good planning from Kiran again and the driving skills of Harshal we completed one more trek successfully.
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Written by: Winnith Rebello
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