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Har-Ki-Dun Trek

Ht.: 3556m. 

Area: Dehradun 

Region: Garhwal Himalayas 

State:  Uttar Pradesh 

Duration: 10 Days 

Season:   August

    This is a good trek for small group on nature excursion since the valley is full of flora and fauna. One can spend time with herbs and shrubs of medicinal purpose. Also lot of scope for photographers since presence of variety of birds and scenic nature. This is a holy place. Also it is a base of Swargarohini massif of 21000ft height. In our old granth (books) it is mentioned that Pandavas went to Swarga (Heavan) through this mountain. This is a place where one can find Trees of Bhojpatra flower Brahmakamal. Swargarohini and Jaundar Glacier is at south-east of Har-ki-dun. Towards west one can see Bandarpunch. Duryodhana is a God of few communities here, you can find temple of Duryodhana. People survive on farming Rice, Rajma, and Charas. They use wood of Deodar tree for their house. You can find many people using Hukka for smoking. One can smell of pine while having the hukka. Also because of popularity of this area for trekking , job of porterer is another way to earn for the locals here. They generally work under a thekedar. 

      To reach here first stop will be Dehradun. From Dehradun travel to Sankri (150km). The actual trek starts from here. You may experience many landslides on the way. Accordingly you should arrange your schedule. The next stop  is Taluka 13km away from Sankri. Distance between Taluka and Seema is 16km, while Seema to Har-ki-dun is a 14-km strenuous walk. On reaching the destination one will forget the tiring walk and enjoy the beauty. It is better to trek early in the morning else one has to face changing atmospheres. One can spend a day to visit the Jaundar Glacier. One can find UP forest house for rest or Gadhwal Nigam's Rest house for stay. Their charges are nominal. Also one should book months prior the trek to avoid discomfort in terms of availability..

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