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Hadbichi Shendi Climbing (25th Dec 2003)

Hadbi In the beginning of the year 2003, I thought of completing 5 pinnacles this year! Fortunately I had attempted 5 but successfully completed 4 out of 5. The one which was failed due to natural calamity like Honey bees attack. As far as Bhramanti's attempt is concerned we had attempted Hadbichi Shendi in Daserra but due to Short fall of equipment the attempt failed. This time we were sure to make it except any Natural Hazard.

On 24th DEC 03 we had gathered all necessary equipment & reached CST (Mumbai) to catch Mahanagari Express. Really it was a night mare for all of us to get inside the train. One can see the chain of money making business at the Station including 1. Kooly (Hamal) 2. The Police(Railway) 3. The Shemales. Though we tried to get inside the train by any means to take sufficient rest before climbing but unfortunately it didn't happened. We started from the CST at 12:15am of 25th DEC 03. We reached Manmad Station at 5:15am. We took some rest on the station, had tea & breakfast. Then from Manmand East along the Manmad - Daund railway direction, we reached till the base of the Hadbichi Shendi Pinnacle by Auto. Locally it is famous as "Thumb's Up"!. The pinnacle looks like a Samurai. It's unique in shape! It took 25 Min. to reach the base.

After some rest & route analysis by Deepak (Climbing Manager), we started the climb at 9:30am. I was the Lead Climber. Kiran was the Second man & Deepak the Third Man. Their are pitons in the OK conditions on the complete route. On the first phase one can find a tree for anchoring, also 2 pitons. Then one has to climb further 15 ft. where 3 loose rocks stacked together. One has to stand on the loose rock & make a pull ups to tackle 8 ft boulder. A good piton exists here. Then further 15ft simple climb where one can find a bolt to anchor. Once reached here one has to carefully tackle an overhang on the left side or one has to stretched/pull ups from the right side of the ledge. I took little deferent route. First moved towards right put one piton & traversed to left tackling an overhang. It was one of the satisfactory move I supposed in the climb, Since an exposure on both side made little psychological tension. Then the last patch was a table top move. I reached on the summit at 2:55pm. There is a good Peg fixed horizontally in the rock. Later in next 30 min. all we were on the top. We had photo session & then little food break.

One can see from the top even from the base of the pinnacle some of the forts like Ankai Tankai on the southeast direction. We return back to the base by 4:30pm Wind up all Equipment also had our lunch & descend down to the road side. We walked till the Railway crossing in next one hr., it was dark by that time. Fortunately got one Auto till Manmad St. from the crossing. Also got one of the late train Kamayani at 8:00pm. Within 5 min. all we were fast a sleep & got up at Kalyan. And then reached home in the early morning.

It was one of the best climbing I ever experienced in my last all 6 summates attempts. Climbing is like an addiction. Now days I thought more of climbing than the Trekking. It's a win win situation when one climb a pinnacle. It's not a win over the Nature but it's an attempt to experience the Nature. Since nature is everything we are part of the nature, so I/we should respect the nature to get the most out of it. Climbing is one of the way to achieve it.

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