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Europe Tour : Germany

        After Philadelphia/US work Trip in September 2003 courtesy to my office, I had a chance to visit Germany in the Month of April. Actually It was forced thoughtful decision from my side. Since Bhramanti was raising up with feel good factor like India due to so many interesting activity conducted by us for the bhramanti members and others. Whatever it is! I think it was a good decision, since I will be seeing lots of places in Europe apart from my office work.

The work culture in US & Germany is quite different. Its too professional compare to US I supposed.

8th May 2004:

Germany has an area of 356,959 square kilometers. Extending 853 kilometers from its northern border with Denmark to the Alps in the south, it is the sixth largest country in Europe. At its widest, Germany measures approximately 650 kilometers from the Belgian-German border in the west to the Polish frontier in the east

Mainz River:

The Mainz is a river in Germany 524 km in length, and one of the more voluminous tributaries of the Rhine River. It flows through the Bundeslšnder and Hessen. Its catchment basin competes with the Danube for water; as a result, much of its boundaries are identical with the European Watershed.

17th July 2004:

Scheerwald Park:

Our office had a day outing at Scheerwald Park near Oberad/Mulberge. Hardly 15 minutes walk from the tram station. Its similar like Kanheri Caves of Borivali National Park in Mumbai/India. But not that dense as compared. It was sunny day when we were walking in the later part of the day. Morning it was kind of rainy atmosphere. We enjoyed our Breakfast specially made in the India Restaurant. Our German country manager was more enthusiastic to see all Indian Faces along with this wife and son.

We all visited the Wooden Tower from where one can see the complete Frankfurt City. Its quite good to get cold breeze on the top. Its around 120 ft high. There are plenty of adventure tools build for fun in the Park. It's really a day outing spot near Frankfurt. We all played Football till the time got feel of less oxygen without any rules. Specially for those who all are unfit.

4th Sept 2004

Frankfurt Zoo

Fra_zoot.jpgOne of the Biggest Zoo I ever visited. It took 6 Hrs. to browse through the entire Zoo. Worth visiting. It cost 8 Euros per Adult. Didn't find any Elephant. Rest of the things are quite well maintained. We were supposed to visit Palm Garden but due extension in the Zoo we had cancelled the plan. It has Aquarium too with variety of fishes. They have pair of Big Oustrich in the zoo atleast I have seen first time such big one as compare with Copenhagen Zoo.

11th Sept 2004

Black Forest:

The Black Forest is an enchanting area of cuckoo clocks, heavily forested mountains and rich green valleys. Tucked in the southwestern corner bordering France and Switzerland, the Black Forest is a travelers delight. In spite of the regions popularity, many rich green valleys, traditional farmhouses and quaint villages have remained the same for centuries. The numerous Nature trails make this excellent country for trekking!

At early morning of 9/11 we 15 members gathered at Frankfurt hbf Main station at 6:30am. Our journey started at 6:50am by ICE 271. ICE is one of the fastest train in the World. Not to say the train started on time as per the European standard. We reached Offenberg at 8:20am with average speed of 200 KMPH. The max speed touched by the train was 250 KMPH. For me other than plain this was the maximum travel speed for ever. Previously when we traveled to Swiss by road we traveled at max speed of 180 KMPH. Then after 30 min gap we continued our journey to the final destination "TRIBERG". It was by Regional Express (RE). at 9:43am we reached Triberg. Due to our crowd the compartment where in we sated got vacated within first 15 min. It was bad from the self discipline part but this was quite unavoidable.

535 ft WaterfallOur first aim was to visit the biggest waterfall of Germany. It's close to Triberg. We traveled by local bus till the base called Market Platz and from her by walk/trail. It was kind of enjoyable nature trail for most of us. The proper information was produced to us by the counter which shows how much care the government is taking to promote Tourism. It took 30-45 min to reach on top where the Parking area is allotted. While returning we took another route kind of foot trail towards the lake side. There was a Play ground near the lake. We all became children's for next 2 hrs, where we had some fun game as part of our olympic. Then we tested Black Forest Cherry Cake mixed with wine for which this place is famous for. Then had another 20 min walk towards the worlds oldest Cuckoo Clock. This clock is based on hydraulic mechanism. It is quite unique. After this we were supposed to see the 2nd Cuckoo clock which actually a biggest in the world. By Bus we reached the Triberg Rail station.

Biggest Cuckoo ClockDue to first time such long walk many of us were tired so we few out of the lot decided to visit the place which is around 1.5 km from the station. While walking, I got the feeling of like I am in the jungle which look like Black. We walked along the highway and reached the big clock by 6:3opm where the Cuckoo were just waiting for us to pip up and welcome us. We all took snaps as usual, browsed the clock shop ranging from 30 to 5000 Euro and then started our return journey then further to Frankfurt the same way via offenberg. While returning we all were remembering the Famous personalities by way of questionnaire game.

For me it was like any Sahyadri kind of Trek experience. Happy with the some boldring practice too. So one more experience to add with my Euro Bhraman. One should spent few days at this place to enjoy the beauty of the Black Forest.

Click here for more photographs of Black Forest

18th Sept 2004

Ganapati in Frankfurt

It was another good experience to participate in the Ganapati Festival "Ganeshotsav" on the eve of 18th Sept 2004. I thought it must be a small ceremony as per the busy schedule of the people out here. We went to Frankfurt Ganesh Mandir. It was complete Indian Festival Environment. Most of the Indian/Srilankan were present to particiapte. I found two German too sitting among the lot. Background south Indian Music was hammered by the people who came specially for this purpose, I guess.

After 3 hrs of Puja there was a movement where Lord Ganaesh (Metalic idol) was kept in the Palakhi and it was taken around the Mandir by number of people carried on there shoulder. I found many people from nearby city came to see this. Specially 2 Marathi student from Hannover. When our friend Gajendra pronounced "Ganapati Bappa Morya", they were happy to hear similar sound from Maharashtra. We had prasad and return to home late. It was totally Indian Festival environment and we after few month of stay liked this very much. So I dont know how to explain but it was feel good experience.

19th Sept 2004

Palmen Garden

The Palmengarten is a trust established by the citizens of Frankfurt in 1868. On 50 acres, the gardens display numerous beautiful and interesting plants throughout the year. The Palmengarten is known world-wide for its ample collections of tropical plants. The Tropicarium is one of the largest complexes of greenhouses. It displays tropical plants including orchids, bromelias, palms, ferns, succulents and many others. These plants are arranged largely according to their natural habitats such as rain forest, mangrove, mountain rain forest, monsoon and trade-wind forest, savannah, thorn forest and different types of vegetation approaching desert.

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