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21st Aug 2004 - 23rd Aug 2004

One of my friend had gifted me a small peace of Eiffel Tower when he visited Eiffel Tower, 2 years back. While receiving the model, my exploration sole had made a hard coded space in my memory, wishing to visit Eiffel Tower/Paris once atleast in a lifetime. I thought, It must be a wonderful experience to see one of the world's 7 wonders. So by God grace most of the time my wish has been accomplished by some means though late.

EflTowerThis time too we four(Shan, Kaustubh, Gajendra & myself) colleagues/friends from my office/India had planned to visit Paris for 3 days. Shan and Gajendra opted for 2 days. On 21st August we fly to Paris in the morning. It was 45 min. journey from Frankfurt towards west. We all were too enthusiastic to see Eiffel Tower, it's quite natural. So as per our plan our first target was to visit Towert. From the Airport we reached to Charls De Gaull Rail Station by Line 2 Bus (Free Service). We took 2 days train pass called Paris tour costing 26 Euros. From The Rail station we went to City Center& from there to Trocadoro Station which is nearest to the Eiffel Tower. Around 11:00am we reached the base of the tower. While moving to the base of the tower on the way, we found a small snack shop. where the attendee asked us "Garam Garam Dosa", Myself and Gajendra was shocked after listening Hindi language. There are so many Indian road sellers we found around selling key chains, Water bottle etc.

Entry tickets are available here for 1st floor, 2nd floor & Top. This is a special service made for the tourist. The tower has a lift which is in 3 stages. No doubt we took the ticket for top costing 10.40 Euro per head. We reached on the top by 1:00pm. On the tower there are statue of the man who's the mastermind behind this construction. The tower has facility of toilet too, which was necessary for most of the tourist at this particular occasion due to child wind and little rainy atmosphere. We all had taken almost 4 circular rounds on the top while photography and other interesting places around. Our friend Gajendra called his home/India and told "Baba me Eifel Tower waroon boltoy" (Father I am calling from Eifel Tower). He seems to be more happy after calling his home and express his feelings to his parents.

We went down after some time. Later went to the Gallery(Museum) which is towards East of the tower from where one can see the complete Tower. Our next place of visit was Arc De Triomph. A huge gate made in memory of all soldiers who laid their lives in the war for France. It's beautiful in terms of the art work done allover the gate.

Later we moved to our hostel where we were supposed to dump our extra accessories and moved back to explore Paris. All metro lines are underground. Everywhere tunnels and tunnels. Might be due to tourist attraction whole Paris is full of crowd and not that clean as compare with other cities like Frankfurt. I got the feeling like Mumbai. We found some innovative methods of begging while roaming around. Our next aim was to see the Eiffel tower in the night.

We went to a station called Invalids which is on the river side. From here we took a boat ride of 1hr and 15 min costing 7 Euro's Per head. It was at around 8:00pm. It was a fantastic experience while taking a ride. 40% crowd were Indian in the boat ride. The boat journey gives the past and current glory of Paris. So many Palaces, Churches, Universities, Monuments on the way. Finally it took a round around the Statue of Liberty. Most of the people got up for the photographs. The France government had presented the bigger duplicate statue of Liberty to US in memory of the Help done by US to France in the world war.

At around 8:45pm when our boat were returning to the boat station and passing nearby the Eiffel Tower, suddenly n numbers of twinkling flash lights started on the Eiffel Tower. All boat crowd was rejunivated by this scene. Most of the crowd cheered and clapped. Even we too! Everbody engaged in their Camera's.

Then we took a costliest dinner for us, nr. Invalids and had another photography session on the bank of the river where the Eifeel tower is in background.

glasspyramid.jpgNext Day was quite refreshing after good sleep. We went to Louvre where a big Glass pyramid built. It is a very good collections of antique peaces from all over the world as well the painting. This is the place where one can see the original Painting of Monalisa. Also mummis were kept in side the museum. It was grate experience to see the original painting of Monalisa. Later we visited NorteDame another fantastic work. Then we visited the Champ De eleysee road where one of the costliest perfumes shop exist. Our two members Shan & Gajendra left by 5:00pm for their return journey to Frankfurt. We spent some more time on the same road for window shopping and latter return back to out hostel at Merry De Clichy.

Next day we visited Mont Matre a White colour church built on the hill from where one can see the entire Paris. Then we visited Pompido recent construction where paintings are exhibited. Out of that Picasso's Painting is one of the Famous. Then we started our return journey to Frankfurt. We were lucky to get the view of complete Paris from the flight where we saw the Eiffel tower and other known places. It was good see off from the flight.

It was an life experience for me as well to all 3 members. I was too happy for being such world famous place. Also their is other reason for feel good and that is I had completed 5 yr's working with Hexaware.

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