First Aid Test

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1.   When you approach a patient, lying on the ground, what should be ascertained first?

       a. Pulse    b. Responsiveness   c. Bleeding   d. Fracture

2.  What should be the ratio of artificial respiration or Mouth to Mouth respiration to external cardiac massage?

       a. 4:1   b. 1:5   c. 10:3   d. 7:2

3.  How many times a cardiac massage should be given to an adult patient? (In one minute)

       a. 70 times   b. 100 times   c. 90 times    d. 80 times

4.  What is artery?

      a. A vessel carrying oxygenated or pure blood.
      b. A vessel carrying deoxygenated or impure blood.
      c. A vessel carrying blood away from the heart.
      d. A vessel carrying blood towards the heart.

5.  What are the signs of fracture:

     a. Swelling & deformity.
     b. Tenderness.
     c. Loss of function.
     d. All of these.

6.  Which is the main muscle of respiration in human body?
     a. Diaphragm   b. Ribs   c. Lungs   d. None of these.

7.  If  some straw coloured fluid is coming through ear & nose of an unconscious person, what does it indicate?

     a. Person is having a cold.
     b. Some fluid has entered from outside.
     c. He has cranial fracture.
     d. None of these.

8.  What is taken as normal adults respiratory rate?
     a. 10/min   b. 16/min   c. 30/min   d. 80/min

9.  In case of drowning, what should be done  first?

     a. To start removing the water from lungs.
     b. To start artificial breathing in water itself.
     c. To start cardiac compression in water itself.
     d. None of these.

10.  Which are the symptoms and signs seen in circulatory or hypovolumic shock.

    a. Pallor   b. Cold extremities    c. Feeble & fast pulse   d. All of these.

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