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Dangya Climbing

25-26th Dec 2004
DangyaFinally Dangya has been climbed by seven Bhramanti Members. Kaivalya, Rajan, Hemant, Amit, Nitin, Kiran. The entire team were suppported by Harshal C. and Nitin M. This was third attempt on this pinnacle by Bhramanti. We congratulate all team members for the success. Dangya Pinnacle is in the range of Igatpuri-Ghoti , where one can see Pahine Navra-Navri, Anjaneri Navra etc pinnacle in the vicinity. For me it was my 8th Pinnacle out of 12 attempted since from last 2 years.

7th Mar 2004

Lots of climbing news happening these days especially in the field of Rock climbing/adventure activities. Some are trying to make money out of such adventure activities like huge Valley Crossing/Rappelling etc. The good part of it is, they are promoting adventure activities in the younger generation. We Bhramantians too; trying to improve our climbing history by attempting different pinnacles to summit.

On 18th Feb 2004 we attempted "Dangya" Pinnacle to climb which remained unsuccessful due to the time factor. We were a team of three (Leader Deepak D, Kiran S & Myself). Dangya lies in the Tryambak ranges of mountains. It has a unique attractive shape which any hard-core rock climber wish to climb it once in his lifetime. One can see this pinnacle from Pahine Navra pinnacle also from the Anjaneri Navara Pinnacle. All these three pinnacle makes an untold triangle. Due to this feature I thought of completing this triangle by climbing the last point of this triangle. To accomplish the remaining task once again we traveled in the moonlight of the "Holi Festival". Reaching Dangya base one has to trek atleast 3 hr.. from the Wadhiware Fata via a village called Gadh-Gadh Sanghavi. This time we were accompanied by one of our friend from US, Mr. Daneil S. Other members were Leader Deepak D, Hemant M & Myself. Though 2, 1/2 hr.. of walking with atleast 20 kg. of weight is tiresome but it was fun especially in the moonlight. Our friend Daneil was more enthusiastic than we all.

We reached Gadh Gadh Sanghavi at around 12:30am of 7th March 2004. As usual we were welcomed by the village dogs to let the villagers knew about our arrival. Strait away we started our trek till the base of the pinnacle & reached there by 3:00am. We had some snacks & went to sleep in the moonlight on the base plateau of the pinnacle. It was windy & cold. We got up at 7:00am & reached the base by 8:00am. The initial preparation before climb took one hr. We did traditional pray to the Mother Nature. This time too, I took the lead followed by Hemant, Daniel & then Deepak. The first patch of 40 ft simple climb, then the second patch of 30 ft ledge (simple walk) & further a third patch of vertical climb with the support of the roots & 15 ft wall. Previously climbers used to take support of the root at this wall to tackle but now it's not there, almost broken. We had to spent some time for fixing two piton's & using the ladder to tackle the wall successfully. Here comes the fourth patch of around 40 ft which was one of the difficult patch on the way. We reached till next 15 ft but no success. I think due to continuous rock fall some portion of the root fallen down. Due to this reason technicality of this patch is increased. Deepak attempted his luck too but could not able to manage, infact he survived on the wall while a loose rock hold came out making him like a pendulum while his right hand rock hold was intact. Though we all had attempted different ways to tackle this portion but once again we failed to do so. I was too tired to attempt further ascent. We once again satisfied ourselves with the famous wording that mountains are always there. One can re attempt the same with new ideas.

We dedicated this climbing attempt in memory of Late Mrs. Vidyavati Choudhay who died on Wednesday 3rd March 2004. She was a Mother of one of our active member Ms. Sangeeta Choudhary.

It took 7:00pm to wind up/sorting of all our equipment loosing my floaters. At this pinnacle I heard people take away such things while climbers are on the rock. The same thing happened to me but thankfully I was carrying a pair of extra shoes for one of our climber friend who finally didn't turned up. I request to all the climbers to carry their belongings little above the base to avoid such instances. As soon we reach in the village Gadh-Gadh Sanghavi. The locals gathered around us to find out what these heroes had done! They served us water, which is for them a difficult one to get it from long distance. It was like a gathering of the village. One oldman out of the lot sitting below the tree in front of the Temple asked our status whether we went to Dangya or not since he might have seen in the early morning when we left this place in the night/early morning.

Once again in the moonlight we return back to the Wadhiware Fata by 10:00pm. Our US friend Daniel likes the test of one of the Dhaba where we filled our stomach after the 24 hrs. Of workout. Fortunately we found one Truck going towards Bhiwandi. It was another nice journey since we all were tired got instant sleep in the truck driven by a Sardar. Further we traveled to Thane St. by Sumo & returned back safely to home at early morning of Monday.

Since the triangular thought is not accomplished my wish to complete such task is grown stronger & stronger & feeling like I should find many more such triangle. Though I'm not a master in climbing but I think I'm moving towards rock climbing after my trekking life since from past 12 yr.'s. This was my 10th attempt out of 7th successful summits.

-- Rajan Rikame

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