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  • The above charges will be for One year Only.
  • Those who are interrested in these services should provide logo's or web page.
  • Those who donot have a Logo/Web page, we provide designing service with additional cost.
Our well wishers:

Where the money goes to?
Part of the amount we get from this exchange will go to the Bhramanti Trust, which may in turn can avail you the Tax benifits.

Why to put up your advertise in this web-site?

This website is about outdoor adventures. So most of the visitors to this website is outdoor savvy. It's been 5 years we are on the internet and more than 20000 people had already visited this website. It's daily visit rate is 125 visitors in monsoon(Jun-Sept), 75 visitors in the other seasons(Oct-May) as per our latest analysis. The web site is registered with google search engine, also with some of the known other search engine. Those who wish to go along with our rate of popularity we always welcome them for the mutual benifits. We have active database of 100 visitors and double the guest visitors. So one can see the benifits to put up the advertisement with reference to the popuarity of this domain. It's recommended to put up similar interested publicity advertisement only. For example. Outdoor clothing shops, Gears like sack, footware, tentage and other adventure sports etc. Our rates are very low as part of the promotional scheam. The brief details are mentioned above. Write us for any further enquiry at
this email.