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Bhramanti Awards
- 2014


Award1Best Wanderer:
Active participation in all Bhramanti activites and successfully acheived new initiated tasks for Bhramanti. Active in lead climbing for Bhramanti climbing programme. Active in Himalayan venture of Bhramanti. Additionaly taking responsibilty of Bhramanti secretarial work. Ravi Bangera has been awarded Best Wanderer of Bhramanti this year. Ravi joined Bhramanti in the year 2009.


Best Climber:

Active in Rock climbing area of Bhramanti. Consistently Improving climbing skills from the time of perception. The person to ask for leading the new rocks in Sahyadri for Bhramanti among rock climbers. Dedication towards climbing an example to be followed by the newbees. This is what we encourage in Bhramanti under the able guidence of Sr. climber. Hemant Mhatre has been awarded Best Climber of Bhramanti this year. Hemant joined Bhramanti in the year 2006.

Best Support:

All assitance required for the Bhramanti activities especially transpotation which is important factor of all Bhramanti activities. Assisting all planned and unplanned activities of Bhramanti. Prashant Sawant has been awarded Best Support of Bhramanti this year. Prashant joined Bhramanti in the year 2007.

Individual records of climbs of these awardees are at Climbing | Mountaineering.

Those awards were given by "Kiran Khalap" who is Bhramanti member and also director at Chlorofphyll.

Best Photographs:
The Best Photographs taken by the Digital or Digital SLR cameras during the Bhramanti programmes by the members related to Nature/Activity/Conservation/Voluntary Tasks will be the candidate for this award. No one has been nominated for this award.