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Date of departure : Fri 8th Sept 2006 Night
Trek Duration
: 1 Day Trek Return on : Sat. 9th Sept. Night 10.00pm
: Alibag
Fort Height : 997 feet

This is My First Ever Trek Article . I hope you people like it .

Alright then … Let me begin

We all started off our journey from Mumbai central S.T Bus Depot . We were a Group of 7 people out of which 3 were Bhramanti Group before start of the TrekBhramanti members . We took a Bus to ‘Roha’ (Called Mumbai-Roha) at about 12.30 am ( 19 th ,Sat ). It was a 3 hours bus journey . After getting into the bus we came to know from the conductor and passengers that ‘Medha’(Which is Few kilometers before Roha) village was the Base Village for our Trek . It Was a 3 hours Bus journey From Mumbai Central to Medha ..

Though this was not my first one but traveling in a S.T bus is an altogether different experience. The Cranky noise of the Bus, the cushion less cushion seats, driving skills of the driver, the great smile on the face of conductor, the rural people..Etc etc makes the bus journey lot more interesting and fun.

We all took our seats inside the bus. Within one hour I could smell the fresh air. I felt the silence and darkness on the streets in spite of the cranky noise that our bus made…I came to a conclusion …that we were out of the crowded and polluted Mumbai. We all went to sleep mode after some time J

We Reached Medha at about 3.30 in the morning. It was still very dark and there was no question of starting the trek. So we started out looking for a place where we can rest of some time. Luckily there was a Very good ‘Mandir’(Temple) near by .. So we all entered the temple and went to sleep for some time . The main Road & railway track was very Close to the Temple..So through out our sleeping hours we heard trucks & trains pass by with a thundering noise. We all woke up at 6 am. Soon we were Greeted by The ‘Sarpanch’ of the Village. He showed us the near by house where we could ask for some ‘Chai’ and freshen up a little bit.

After Drinking our Chai and after taking some guidance from the locals we finally started off our trek at about 7.15 am. There was a long road that we had to travel before we finally hit the Trail. It was wonderful to see the development that was taking place in that village. We saw plenty of Children early morning dressed in their school uniforms and heading towards their school with a smile on their faces. Even Girls were going to the school. We also saw some Big Houses with Dish TV’s on them.

Finally we reached the place from where our real trek was about to start. We had a Small but little bit detailed introduction round before we finally took off. Kiran was our Leader and I was the Deputy J

Bhramanti group on top of the AvchitgadhThe most part/way of the trek to top was full of weeds that were 7 to 8 feet long… With a narrow trail in between them through which we trekked. With Few Short Breaks and little Confusion (regarding the path) we finally reached the MAHA DARWAJA of the fort at 9.20 am. We took some rest and explored the whole fort within next one hour. The fort has some remnants of the fortification in form of bastions, water tanks and entrance doors. The top provides astonishing view of Sudhagad, Raigad forts, Tailbaila and valley of Roha below.

We started our descend immediately after exploring the whole fort. We lost our way 2-3 times during the descend but reached the ground level.

Just After the Trek Starts..There are 2 wells. So after descending we saw local teenagers taking bath in those wells( with their Chaddi’s On definitely J ) . Some of the members in our group who were good swimmers also decided to join them while some of us decided to go back to the village and freshen up there.

That’s another one hour we were all Fresh again and having our lunch ( In the Same Mandir). After our lunch we all waited for 2 hrs when finally we got a Bus for Panvel .

Overall it was an Amazing Trek . It’s a Beautiful place to trek .

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Thank You for Reading My Article

Chandan Motwani
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