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Anjaneri Navri, Ghodyacha Kada Climb

12th Mar 2005

GhodyachaKada And AnjaneriThese two pinnacles are in the Vicinity of the Navra pinnacle of Anjaneri. This climb was organised by Shyagiri under my leadership. Infac it was my wish to climb this twins since one of the pinnacle we missed when we came here last for the Sahyagiri climbing program. I remember it very well since it was my first climb at that time.

We attempted Ghodyacha Kada. About this climb one may not find the info written any where. It can be climbed either from the Col which is connected to the Anjaneri hill or from the front face. Our climb was from the Col route. One can reach half way vis the col from the left side of the hill. Further there is an easy climb of 65 ft. The thin wall structure on top has very narrow space to walk to reach the centre of the pinnacle. Here one can find a good condition peg fixed for anchoring. It took 20-25 min. to reach on top. After wind up we went to the base of the Navri pinnacle which is in between Kada & Anjaneri Navra pinnacle.

I started the climb from the left side route (Ghodyacha Kada Side) at 4:00pm and reached on top by 4:45pm Its a 3 stage climbing. 1st Stage a vericle bolder climbing to reach the big ledge. One can use the boulder for runner. The 2nd Stage is a good verticle climb. At last 15 ft climb using a crack behind the pillar. The rock pillar is not in a stable state. One needs to be very careful about this pillar. The 3rd stage is a easy walk on the top to reach the higest point of the summit. There are 2 good condition peg one nr. the edge of the wall and the other one is nr. the high point.

It was one of the experience for me since in my total 13 climb, in a day 2 pinnacle climbing , I did for first time. So it was a greate day. Our 3 Man team were supported by Bhushan P. from Nashik. Latter we celebrated our climb with another climber friend Chetan P. of Nashik.

Lead Climb: Rajan Rikame
Our sumiters: Kaivalya V, Rishi KT.

Anjaneri Navra Climb

22/24th Feb. 2002 Click here for bigger image, Rajan on left & Rajesh on right

Anjaneri a spiritual place lies before Tryambakeshwar infact before Bramhagiri mountain. This is the birth place of Hanuman. Our visit to Anjaneri is for different reason. This was official climbing program to Bavaria(250ft), Navri pinnacle by Sahyagiri. And offcourse the reason to attend this pinnacle climbing program is because of our great climbing Gooru Mr. Rajesh Gadgil. He is a well known personality in climbing various pinnacles in Sahayadri & Himalaya.

We gathered at our Leader's home, sorted our what all equipment required & distributed among all of us on 22nd Feb 2002 night. We traveled to Thane from Borivali by BEST Bus to catch last bus(1:15am) to Nashik. A crowd of travelers were waiting for the same bus to Nashik. One more colleague Gautam joined us(Rajesh, Kaivalya & me) at Thane. Due to the crowd we mutually decided to go to Thane checknaka to catch any available transport to Nashik. Around 1:00am we got a tanker going towards Igatpuri. Unfortunately due to an major accident on the highway between Kasara-Igatpuri we all decided to return back to Kasara Railway station. At 4:00am we trekked down to Kasara on the totally blacked out highway. We reached Kasara Station by 5:00am with our heavy rucksack loaded with the climbing equipment. The latest train to Nashik was available at around 7:40am, so we had a little nap on the Railway Station. The train arrived on right time but again our luck was not so good, the general compartment was jam packed, we decided to travel in the reserved compartment. Almost one hour we were standing in the train till Nashik. Apart from this we suffered to have to listen various boring stories from Gautam.

We had our Breakfast & decided our further journey in coordination with the other colleagues of the club who were supposed to join us. We traveled to CBS (Local Bus Depot). Then our Luck shows a very first good sign. One of the friend of Rajesh asked us to wait since he would like to carry us to the base of the pinnacles. He was so enthusiastic to see Rajesh because of his great climbs. As per Rajesh it was his Rajyog, since after prolonged difficulties to reach our destination we were carried by Maruti 800 of Mr. Sanjay Khatri. For trekking community this was a kind of royal treatment. On the way Rajesh decided to recky other pinnacles around Tryambak & then reach to final destination. We did saw some great pinnacles around the area namely Sunday2, Sabanachi Wadi & small pinnacles like Kathi & all. We reached our destination at 1:00pm. We had our lunch pack below the tree shed chit-chatting our past experiences & all. It was a nice experience to have food & sharing the same with all buddies. We took little rest to energized ourselves & get set for climbing.

At 3:15pm we started organizing our equipment & moved to the base of the Bavaria Pinnacle. We anchored the belay rope at the base of the pinnacle. Rajesh was leading the team. He reached almost at the summit(10ft. Below the summit) but due to the time/daylight constraint Kaivalya(2nd Man) & Rajesh decided to drop the further attempt to reach the summit. The time was 6:00pm. Finally we wind up our gears keeping the fixed rope on the Pinnacle for next day attempt. We decided to sleep on the open ground of the same mountain. We all started preparing our food & necessary arrangement. It was one of the nice experience to be under the moonlight with the fresh wind refreshing our lungs & giving us a freshness. No wonder if I look in the clean sky & try to figure out which nakshatra is on our head. Rajesh explained me how to find out north direction from the existing stars setup. We had soup & typical Khichadi to fill our stomach. Our Nashik friends(Sanjay, Sanju) left us at this point to collect a rope from City & to returned back next day morning. We were on bed by 9:30pm. Fortunately I was the only one, without any sleeping bag. I slept in between all our colleagues. As usual I could sleep hardly due to chilld wind. Rajesh suggested me to put my legs in his Ruck Sack. That gives me little warm.

At 7:00am Sunday we got a ready cup of tea prepared by Rajesh. He prepared breakfast for us. After having this & fresh-n-up, we approached the base of the pinnacle. Once again Rajesh Started the lead climb at 9:30am. He reached on the summit by 10:00am, then the 2nd man Kaivalya, then myself at 10:45am & the last person by 11:30am. The climb was easy but risky on the last phase due to loose scree. It was nice feeling to reach on the Summit. The area on the top is around 20 sq. ft. with lots of loose scree with dry grass. We had a look of all surround peaks like Alang-Kulan, Kalsubai, Bramhagiri from the top. We climbed down from the summit by 1:00pm with little voluntary work of pitching a bolt for other climbers in between. By 1:30pm we left the place. Since we wanted to return back by night to Mumbai we decided to leave Knavery as it is. We return back to Nashik then by Taxi to Kasara & then by Local train to Thane & then by auto to Borivali. It was one of the good experience to me specially since it was my First ever successful pinnacle climbing attempt also with Rajesh Gadgil.

Some of the important places in & around Triyambak:

Brahmagiri- Origin Of the river Godavari, Gangadwar- Gangagodavari Mandir
Kushavarta- Holy kund for taking bath before darshan Sant Nivruttinath Samadhi Gautami Talao Dutta Mandir
Anjaneri- Birth place of Lord Hanuman

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