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What is Bhramanti?
"Bhramanti" is a Sanskrit word. It means wandering in its good sense. The website born on 24th Feb 2001. The website frontends all activities of the club. Bhramanti is a registered (E-20841(Mumbai)) public charitable trust under the State Charity Commissioner in Sept 2003."Bhramanti Mountaineers" is a registered society mainly under the State Society Act, and a member of Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi, recently in 2012.

What we do?
BHRAMANTI.COM provides trekking & mountaineering information. The information provided here is under the scope of our adventure programs. We are self-motivated group of people. We organize treks in Sahyadri and Indian Himalaya. We conduct treks and rock climbing in Sahyadri. We conduct Himalayan treks and mountaineering expeditions. Alongwith such adventure activities, we try to inculcate nature conservation habits.

The main highlights of the club's yearly schedule is Diwali Trek, Republic Day Trek, Leaders Meet and Annual Day.
Republic Day Trek is combined programe of Trek & Climb. Leadership Meet is for all Leaders/Climbers of Bhramanti to understand Leadership, Climbing basic, First Aid. Annual Day is a gathering for all members where we conduct various slide shows and talks related to adventure field. We nominate best achievers of Bhramanti in terms of awards.

The Club's mission is to: promote interest in the sport and craft of mountaineering, foster fellowship among climbers of the Sahyadri/Maharashtra area, disseminate mountaineering knowledge and information, develop skill in the climbing techniques of its Members, and sponsor local practice outings and periodic outings.

What you get?
Free trekking information of the route we followed during our treks with photographs.
Every Year we nominate "Best Wanderer"
, "Best Climber ", "Best Support" & "Best Photographer" and provide certificate and surprise gift award to the most active member throughout the year. We include your name in our mailing list for future programs to keep you updated by email/telephone. If interested, we publish your personal web page with nominal charges. In case of emergency, we avail the expertise/skills of our members for you like blood donation as well professional help depending upon members capacity. Apart from such social activity we have started Voluntry Task Force (VTF) focusing on helping needy people in remote areas where we trek. We provide grants to selected members who are interested in mountaineering courses.

Where we meet?

- At Kanheri/Gandhi Tekdi, one Sunday a month, 8am - 1pm.

- Gyani Sadan, Andheri (West), close to railway station, once a month(Wednesday), 8pm - 10pm.

Who we are?

Rajan Rikame : Information Technology Consultant
(More details...)
Owner & designer of this web site.
Twenty years of trekking experience in Sahyadri & Himalaya.

*Basic, Advance, Search & Rescue Mountaineering course from NIM.
*Liaison Officer course from NIM organised by IMF 2002-03.
*India Area Manager for rockclimbing.com
Gangotri-I 1998, Kalindi 2001, Kedardome 2002, Ramjak 2003, Spiti 2006, Nya Kangri 2008, Losar 2012, Lahual 2014, Lahual 2017.
Summitter of Draupadi-Ka-Danda 1999, Kalindi Peak 2001, Pt 5500m.
Pt. 5920m (Tikona), Yunam, Pt. 5980m (Haathi)
Summitter of 25 Pinnacles/Routes Sahyadri, 10 routes in Wales/UK.

Kiran Sarode : Asst. Manager, Mumbai
Twenty years of trekking experience in Sahyadri.
Summitter of 10 Pinnacles in Sahyadri. Extensive cycling experience with Bhramanti.
Currently chairing Joint Secretary of Bhramanti.
Attended himalayan treks & exploration.

Kaivalya Varma : Outdoor Consultant, Mumbai
Thirty years of climbing, mountaineering & trekking experience in Mountains.
Consultant to various outdoor school for curriculam consultancy/process improvisation, mountain saftey.
Summitter of 80 Pinnacles in Sahyadri. Extensive experience in snake rescue.

Currently chairing Joint Secretary.
Hanuman Tibba, Spiti 2006, Khemloga, Gulep, Losar 2012, Lahual 2014, Beas Kund snow/Ice technique practice, Lahual 2017.

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