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Waterfall Glen Xtreme10

13 July 2014

Xtreme 10 is a Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) Certified Race.Certified Race Logo CARA is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding, motivating , supporting and celebrating the running community of Chicagoland.

The race route was rerouted due to excessive flooding on the south end of the loop hence new route instead of circle it was out and back and back on north trail.

Two of my office colleague Dinesh and Akshay were accompanied with me for their 5K race. They were practicing the 3 miler regularly. Both of them showed up Saturday night since we had plan to drove 30 miles together from my home to the race destination. Dinesh finished the race in 31 minutes while Akshay did in 27 minutes both timing were imprressive since it was their first run. Both were eager to reach home early to watch the FIFA final Germany vs Argentina.

See the race results. | Photo Link

I did it in 86 minutes but earlier expected that I woulbe be finishing in 95 minutes. I stood 194/547 finisher. I generally never drive prior to any race, but this time it was different. I Loved the course and definietly recommend for others. I was perfect temperature and after rain the mudy route in the beggining and bit tougher route during due to elevation made my day

CARA's Newton Ready to Run 20 Miler Marathon

16 Sept 2012

1st time I ran this 20 Miler Marathon race to keep my Chicago Marathon Training statistics up to date. The weather was perfect about 60F for such long run. The start line was close to my house (Wilson beach) and the finish line was art Jackson Park. The marathon started on time (6:30am) with great enthusiasm. The pace group starting from 7 onward with a gap of 30 seconds each. I had joined the 8:30 group and the run started at 6:40am. No entertainment on the way since it was kind of preperation race for all participants. Every 2 mile the aird station along with water/gatorade made the race more challenging. I completed the marathon in 187 minutes, which is 10 minutes slower than expectation. It was ok for me since I took this as practice run. I wasn't exausted after the finish thats what I wanted to acheive this time. Though I felt low in energy at mile 16. I followed the every 5 mile strategy with 1 break for pee and other 2 for stretching (7 Min).

The Beer/breakfast helped a lot after race. I was transported back to Wilson by Shuttle service. It was my regular practice route and with perfect weather made the race bit easy for me. The race was part of my Chicago Marathon training. And they dont give Medal for this race but the T-Shirt for the finishers. One funny announcement made by one of the co-ordinator which made everyone laugh and that is, "One Father(Spectator) has been lost/missing" and his 3 yr old kid reported this at the announcement booth.

CARA Lakefront 10 Miler Marathon

28 Apr 2012

Timing 1 hr 20 minutes
1st time I ran the CARA Lakefront 10 Miler race to keep my Chicago Marathon Training statistics boosting. The race started at 8am. I like the route very much. Only issue was the temp was down to 9C and on top it was raining with cold wind impacting the overall resistance along the lakeshore front. On the way at 4 mile the elevation on the hill for 5 minutes made the race more interesting. Inspite of bad neck cramp, I finshed the race 5 minutes (80 minutes) slower than expected timing. 1st time tried Beer after race. Easy way to release the mental pain. I enjoyed this run mainly due to route. It was 1st step for Chicago Marathon training.
More Details: Total finishers: 1423
705, Female 717

Registered participants -

Stood 3rd among Indians as per name count.

Written By:
Rajan Rikame
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