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13.1 Allstate Half Marathon

9th Jun 2012

1st time I ran the 13.1 Allstate Half Marathon race to keep my Chicago Marathon Training statistics up to date. I like the route very much. Only issue was the temperature, it was high close to 90F and on top whole week I was down due to fever impacting the overall bad performance. Entertainment and water/gatorade supply kept the liveliness along the race. I completed the race 14 minutes (105 minutes) slower than expected timing.

The Beer/Pizza after race helped a lot after race. The Shuttle to carry runners from mellinium park created some confussion and many runners took taxi all the way till 77th St south of Chicago. It was one of the scenic running route and wish would have enjoyed more with lower temperature. The race is part of my Chicago Marathon training.

Total finishers: 3574
1558, Female 2016

Stood 3rd among Indians as per name count.

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Allstate Life Insurance Chicago 13.1 Marathon

Written By: Rajan Rikame

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