We being sports enthusiastic people are trying our best to share our experiences and knowledge in this area. To enjoy the adventure activity people realize at certain point that they should have been doing some kind of exercise to make their adventure activity more enjoyable instead of pain. We have enthusiasts in Trekking, Climbing, Marathon, and Cycling in Bhramanti. Hence we have come up with a consolidated list of excercises, which will be useful for general sports and/or personal well being.

We are not authority on this subject hence the content on this page may not be suitable for some people in the beginning. This content can be considered as reference and not lessons. We also suggest for any new activity one has to start in moderation which means finding the sustainable intensity of the activity after understanding the technicality of the particular exercise.

We have accummulated various types of excercises along with pictures (not owned by us) from different sources. We sorted them as Stretching, Cardio, Core, Lower, Upper and Power. Based on the time you spend in gym or wherever you wish to conduct exercise, you need to plan out your own schedule. In future we will be providing a sample program for beginners and also normal intensive workout for reference.

We hope you like this effort and if you are trainer and willing to write or update the way we publish this information, we would love to hear from you.




Power - Upper

Power - Lower

Home-based excercise -

Part 1

Part 2

Workout schedule :
Easy, Moderate & Difficult Trek

Follow as much as you can:
Eat Healthy
Drink Water plenty
Excercise regular
Sleep enough

Try participating any of the sport activities. Join any of our activity to start with we have group of members who are:
trekkers, climbers, mountaineers, cyclist, marathoner, yoga...


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