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Oct 5, 2014 Aasangao Cycling Race - 100 Km

Sept 26, 2014 Pune Cycling Race - 100 Km, Prashant Patil

Thank you very much for you encouraging words!!

Managed to complete the race. Timing will be published by tomorrow on the link I provided.

Just to share a little bit of the experience:
It was my first ever 100KM ride. Thought that I will give a good fight but couldn't keep up with them, till first few kilometers was okay and then they vanished. Then was all alone trying to chase them. Managed to climb all three ghats and then almost gave up on the last as it was a killer. Got down of the bike 4 times because of cramps. Then finally pumped up some energy mentally and completed the race when there were only 2 minutes remaining. Then realized that three more riders were behind but were from a different category. Few racers dropped out.

All in all a good experience racing with all of then including few international participants. Well its a start with finishing last and Hoping to build up some more stamina and skills in coming months to improvise.

Thanks again :-).


Sept 5-6, 2014 Titwala to Narayangao and return via Malshej/Otur

Cycling ride to Narayangaon via Malshej Ghats:


Now this was one long and arduous ghat we been waiting to ride since we started riding on one of the finest human machines ie Bicycle,  in the lifetime with Bhramanti. With the best team and great support from pouring nature, the ride went thru quite interesting.

The team: Ajay Kalashi, Kiran, Jolly, Prasad and Vanaja (we welcome her in this maiden ride with Bhramanti).
We were quite fortunate to have a support motorbike with us as driven by Ajay. Having planned to ride from Titwala, we precisely mapped this same plan while riding.

The route :
day 1 Titwala - malshej - Junnar - Narayangaon. 130 kms
day 2 trek to Narayangad fort and rest
day 3 ride back on the same route ie 130 kms .


The ride passes thru the major malshej ghat and a smaller ghat called Ganesh ghat.
Started riding at 7 am on 5th sep. the drizzle throughout the ride kept us quite cool and sometimes shivering too while rattling or jaws. With fantastic roads and quite traffic free, it was a glib ride. The scenes are fabulous and marked with plenty of waterfalls. The 10 kms  of steep climb up the malshej ghat was quite enduring. The cloud cover added to much required thrill to our ride. reached the top plateau of malshej at 4pm  indeed quite slow! but enjoyed every moment.
had a sumptuous meal at Maharashtra Dhaba at a village called Madh . after food, we literally ran out of steam and had to take a tempo to drop us at Narayangaon.  so actual ride was 100 kms on day1, while the rest of the ride was a lift for 30 kms
It was a refreshing overnight camping at jollys farm house.

Trek to Narayangad fort:
The trek starts from the footstep of the hill fort which is 9 km north east from the Narayangaon city. The hill fort is marked by a unique solitary hill. This hill is surrounded by more than a dozen geo satellite radars. The trek is and takes about an hour of leisure hike. The fort has few fortification . The top has a beautiful Temple of lord Narayana. It offers a panoramic view of farms and fields along with surround hills of Shivneri fort, Lenyadri,  Chavand etc. Cannot stay overnight atop.

We started early on day3 at 6 for return ride back to Titwala. It was a cool ride. First we encountered the Ganesh ghat. The route passes thru beautiful farms and then hills. We took a pause in the Ganesh khind for few clicks. Then started the most amazing phase of our ride. The down hill. We clocked 58kmph controlling our speed. Further we entered the malshej descend. We zoomed pass the waterfalls, crowds and finally halt at moroshi. Had a nice heavy meal of nachni bhakri and vegetables. Next journey phase was quite sultry and humid. We reached Titwala at 7. it was  13 hours ride that day.

Well remembered this ride will be... eagerly await the next ride...

Pic Link:


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